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Cassie had a lucky escape !

I had been told about a very old dog called Dascha & had agreed to take her as she was about to be put to sleep. However at the pound, the volunteers had tried to get Dascha a bit more lively (as she was fading) by putting another dog in with her for company. This dog was Cassie, not a youngster herself, but a good deal younger than Dascha.
Cassie gets on well with the others, and is enjoying her well earned retirement at the Sanctuary. Each of the Dogs has his or her own favourite place to sleep, and Cassie's favourite place is by the foot of the stairs in the hall.
As they got on very well, I found that when Dascha was delivered, her friend Cassie had been sneaked in too to see if I would take both !
Here is Cassie leading the way at the inaugural Charity Dog Walk Day which was on 21st October 2007.

She managed the 5 miles without a problem !

Here she is being led by Darren
Please e mail me if you would like to sponsor Cassie or any of the Dogs or other animals at the Sanctuary

We would love to hear from you, as Cassie has no sponsors