Unfortunately we have seen a considerable number of members cancel their standing orders in the past few months & whilst we have also seen a few people join the sanctuary, we are down overall about £400 a month on where we were in the Summer.

So to try and help the animals Fiona cares for we are re-introducing the membership schemes we developed in 2008 to see if we can encourage people to join the Sanctuary and enable Fiona to continue to look after the 400 rescued animals.

We know everything keeps going up, but of course our costs have gone up as well & with so many to feed, we feel it more than most.

So, without further ado I would like to re-present these membership schemes !

Introducing the "Carrot Membership Scheme" - Become a "Carrot Member" for just £2.10 a month !! - This is the cost of a sack of carrots and we use 100 sacks a week ! These days there are only a few weeks in the year when the carrots are not available, so most weeks you will always see a mighty pile of carrots in the yard ! - but at 14 sacks a day usage, the pile quickly goes down !

If you would like to join by becoming a Carrot Member, just print & complete the membership form here for £2.10 a month - or "2 sack" membership at £4.20 a month - and so on. Your money will be used to buy carrots which many of the animals enjoy daily as part of their diet - particularly the Horses & Cows, but Goats & Pigs too enjoy carrots and of course the Rabbits. The Geese love them as well !

If you join as a Carrot Member you will receive a carrot in the post as a thank you (if you want one!) together with instructions on how to cook and eat it ! Be the envy of your neighbours. I bet they don't get a carrot through the post often - eh?

Next is the "Hay Membership Scheme" This is very much like the Carrot Membership Scheme, only due to postage costs and frankly letterbox issues uncovered in user testing, we will not be sending you a bale of hay through the post ! Additionally we have yet to find a suitable cooking method and large enough saucepan. This membership scheme costs £4.50 a month - of if you want to buy 2 bales a month, £9.00 - and so on. The Sanctuary uses 35 small bales every week Plus 6 large Haylage Bales @ £35 each - more in wintertime.

Next is the "Shortfeed Membership Scheme" - Now shortfeed is the term used for sacks of feed concentrates for animals - generally 20KG sacks & we buy shortfeed for the Horses, Cows, Goats, Sheep and sometimes Pigs. The price of shortfeed sacks varies. The economy mixes are between £6-8 a sack whilst the more expensive feeds used for the older and more needy animals are £10+ a sack these days. So as an average we are pegging the "Shortfeed Membership Scheme" at £8 per month which would mean that you are buying a sack of feed for the animals per month at this level of donation. Clearly as with the Hay Membership Scheme, the weight & size of the items prohibits a postal example as a thank you!

Whatever membership type you choose, every single penny of your hard earned cash will go towards the feed costs. The Sanctuary is not a business; it's not what we do for a living. Nothing will be deducted to pay for admin, salaries, or any type of expense.

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary is in Essex near Burnham-on-Crouch and about 15 miles from Chelmsford & approximately 4.35 light years from Alpha Centauri.

We need about 200 more members in order to keep going - please help Fiona to feed all the rescued animals that have been saved from slaughter. The form HERE can be used to join the Sanctuary & for any of the schemes - if you can't print & need a copy posted just let us know

Thank you

(below is a short video of some of the dogs all of whom live in the house - accompanied by yours truly at the pianoforte!)

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