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Hello, I'm Bruce
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Poor old Bruce! He is an old Labrador who was found dodging the traffic earlier this year.

Clearly a victim of being old & unwanted.

He was rescued by someone who spotted the cars swerving to avoid him & he was taken to a rescue who tried to find a home for him.

I remember when the original e mail came round about Bruce & as he as a) old & b) incontinent of urine I thought his chances of finding somewhere were slim at best !
A few months later we were asked if we would take him.

Here he is in the yard.  He is a very friendly chap, but does "leak" as he walks along, so requires special care!

Bruce lives with the gang that sleep in the utility room & he has set up an outside base camp underneath the horsebox that is currently off the road. He has two other HQ's outside - one being a large kennel & the other is Teddy's room which is just a shed with the door open. They have settee's & armchairs in there & often Teddy, Molly, Bruce & Mutley will all be in there taking a daytime doze
Bruce doesn't have anyone sponsoring him. so if you would like to be Bruce's friend please consider sponsoring him from just £2 a month (50p a week!) which will go towards his feed costs.

You will be able to visit him on the Open Days too !

UPDATE: Sadly Bruce passed away due to old age on April 11th 2009. Fiona was with him when he passed. We will all miss him very much. He lived her for around 18 months
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