Berlin Pictures - September 30th 2007
This is inside the "Elite" Enclosure. Most of the athletes were changing & doing their stretches inside the tent you can see behind me.

My Mum & I found ourselves a quiet corner outside...

...Then all of a sudden I found myself standing next to Haile Gebrselassie !
'OMG' thought I, It's Haile - standing right next to me !
Here we are adjusting our laces !
As you can see, Haile attracted the press!

When he saw me next to him, he came over & said hello asked how I was - this was our third meeting as I first met him at the Amsterdam Marathon a few years ago & also at Berlin last year. I told him that I had broken my ribs & he said "And you are running?" - I replied Yes. Haile said, "You shouldn't run with an injury like that" - But I explained that I wanted to be on the start with him on the day that he broke the World Record!. At this his face lit up & he smiled saying "So I am going to break the World Record today?". I said Yes!

Haile then said, let me sign your race bib for good luck & he went to get a pen from one of his support people & he signed my bib. I will get it scanned in & posted here soon !

As you may, know Haile did go on to break the World Record by almost 30 seconds which is a big margin at this level of racing

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