Moscow Bear Rescue Project
Betrayed - These 2 ex-circus bears endure appalling conditions.
They never come out of these small travel cages
You can hardly see them here. Right is "Lena" my Vet contact & animal friend in Moscow.

Lena will negotiate with the owner for the bears purchase & re-housing if we can generate any interest & funding

UPDATE 11th December '03 - please refer to Latest News Page - article dated 11th December

UPDATE - 31th October '03

Funding has been raised, but the bears cruel owner wants the money first before he tell us where the bears have been moved to. This means that he will keep the money & not come up with the bears. I cannot risk parting with the funds that have been donated in these circumstances. There is simply no enforcement available from the authorities in Russia, they would not be interested in seing justice done.

We are continuing to negotiate for a better trading position with the owner, but this is likely to be a long process. It is heart breaking.
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