A short story by Martin

As was mentioned on the news page moving hay about is heavy work. Fortunately the Sanctuary has a lovely big wheel barrow which has been ideal to load up to 4 bales on to take down the fields.

Clearly when loading more than one bale in a barrow you have to be a bit careful to balance it right or else it will all end in tears.
Fig 1, shows the barrow laden with 4 bales - this has been the traditional method of carting hay about the sanctuary.

However, I recently discovered how the handles of the barrow could be utilised in such a way as to increase the number of bales that could be carried to 7 - see figure 2 below
Clearly this is a heavy load and this is in fact how much of the hay this year has been carted down the fields. - to save time on journeys back & forth.

As I helped Fiona with the hay last weekend I foolishly joked how we used to think that the barrow could only take 4 bales & I went on to say (foolishly) one day we'll look back & say "and to think we used to think 7 was a lot on one load"

What a stupid thing to say to Fiona....

Figure 3 - Next thing I see & Fiona has developed the eleven bales on the barrow technique - (don't try this at home)

Figure 4 - Making light work of the load, Fiona sets off with a light snack for the Horses & Cows

figure 1
figure 2
figure 3
figure 4