This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
'Animals Count' visit the Sanctuary !
The weather was fabulous today and all the animals were outside, the horses in the fields, ...but the Cows... were in the lower school. Why? well they were taking part in the photo shoot !

We quickly converted the field shelter into a polling station complete with a sign that said Milking Station, with the word Milking crossed out & VOTING written above it !

The point being that animals cant vote, but you can, so please consider a party that is thinking positively about animal welfare & putting an end to all forms of abuse.

The Cows were well behaved & lined up to vote outside the "station" - these pics will appear on the Animals Count site soon. Below are a few pictures we snapped for you to be getting on with !

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Jasmijn De Boo and Nicholas Ball with Peas the Goat
Nicholas, Jasmijn, Peas & Fiona !

Midnight the horse is standing behind Fiona
Fiona and Nicholas Ball

It was lovely to meet the Animals Count team today and a pleasure to show them around and meet with quite a few of the animals !

We wish them the very best of luck with the elections on 4th June & please do have a look at their website to read about their policies & views

Website HERE