Vladimir the Sharpei

Vladimir was rescued as an RSPCA cruelty case - he is only about 4 but is blind and emaciated as you can see - look at his backbone

He arrived in December.
Below are two pictures taken in mid January, about 4 week after Vladmir arrived. He is improving, but still has a way to go
Vlad goes to scratch his ear as I took this one - he looks like someone has just told him a joke or "tall story" & he is just about to push them with his arm saying "no way!!"
You can see how his backbone "line" has improved in 4 weeks.

If you would like to sponsor Vlad, please get in touch - we really need more help if we are to carry on caring for these animals who are otherwise facing the needle - even a £ a month will help

Thank you

Fiona & the gang

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