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I have over 80 rescued Turkeys, Chickens, Geese, Peacocks & Ducks living at the Sanctuary - Please click below to visit the appropriate page.
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Here is Terence captured in full flight in the run he shares with Mrs Chicken, Berty Basset Dove & Percy Dove - both of whom were hand reared orphan Doves too.

Terence Trent Doveby was found drowning in a pond where he had fallen. He was fished out & arrived here on 2nd August '03 in a shoebox. He was very small & it was touch & go whether he would survive as young ones can so easily suffer from shock & die after such a trauma.

This picture was taken on 10th September '03 & as you can see he is now looking good!

We rescued a male & female Peacock together with their three baby chicks. They had been taken from a place where all the animals had been confiscated due to cruelty. The babies were really tiny but capable of flying so because the Cats would have taken them we had to confine them in a pen until they had grown up
Mr Peacock is spectacular as I am sure you will agree.

Very sadly his partner flew off in May '05 presumably to roost somewhere on a nest. Although we searched high & low we never saw her again
The three chicks have grown up now and there are two boys and a girl. Unfortunately because they are young they are prone to wander and they made the mistake of wandering into next doors garden. This was deemed unacceptable by next door so they are currently living in an aviary. Clearly it is abhorrent to have such beautiful creatures wandering about in your garden !

Hopefully when they are a little older we they will stay in the grounds of the Sanctuary. The colours of these birds just has to be seen to be believed - absolutely incredible
Here are the three babies at the end of Winter this year. They only started to wander in the Spring