Each year I have rescued a few turkeys from a local turkey farm. They are such friendly chaps, I despair for the ones I am not able to rescue.
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Please help me to look after all the rescued animals
Christmas 2000 I saved 6 more turkeys from slaughter. Sadly one died from her injuries two days after she arrived. These were birds from the "hospital" wing of the turkey farm, where the badly pecked birds are given a brief respite from the cramped conditions ...before being slaughtered.

The ones I took were covered in blood & it took quite a few hours of bathing to get them cleaned up. The one who passed away had had her eyes so badly damaged they wouldn't open. At least she passed on in peace & on a bed of straw.
The 5 survivors will winter out in this run, before being integrared with the other turkeys in the stable block.
I turned by back for 5 minutes & the Turkeys moved into the conservatory!
"Bennie" (see latest News) is the small one to the right of Dusty the cat who had just been turfed out by Mr Turkey.

Update (27th May 02) very sadly "Bennie" is no longer with us, his poor form was due to an internal blockage & he passed away on the way to the vets - see latest News
Pee Wee Turkey was rescued along with 4 others Christmas 2001, as reported on the news page. As you can see her eyes are scabbed over from where she had been pecked by the stronger birds. They get so frustrated by being so cramped up they take it out on each other.
Pee Wee made great progress & is now living down the stables with the other Turkeys, although her feathers never grew back on her wing where that bad scab is.
It's all clear !
A typically well organised Turkey reconnaissance mission across the lawn
May 2002
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These three were rescued Christmas '99. Sadly "Copper" passed away in '02 but Mr T & his friend are still very much on form !
Summer Open Day 2004
Supporters Cathy & her Mum Jean make friends with Mrs T who has just enjoyed her 6th Christmas at the Sanctuary