Toby has a few lums & bumps on him and is in need of an operation as one testicle remains inside him, so he is still "entire" - However frankly I do not believe that to be a risk to the female Dogs here as although Tilly & Maddie are not speyed,  I think Toby is far too old to represent a threat. All the other males are neutered.

If he does get stronger I will re-assess the position, however I don't think he has too much longer but I will try my hardest to let him have the best Summer yet.

If you would like to help Toby get better, please think about becomming a member of Tower Hill Stables, or if you prefer to send a one off donation to help please contact me or Toby by mail below


Toby has had a rough life and was desperatly looking for somewhere to spend his long overdue retirement. He is a fairly big dog - height wise - being a cross between a Lurcher and probably an old English Sheepdog. Toby is quite old and a little wobbly on his feet.
It was critical that Toby would get on with the other Dogs, as it becomes very difficult to keep separate groups of Dogs. All the existing Dogs get on together apart from the two Bull Dogs Flick & Tess. They don't mean to cause harm but as they are young & very powerful their idea of "play" is far too much for the elderly dogs, so I keep them separate.

Some of the other Dogs are OK with them - Monty, Judy & Maddie, but Molly. Johno & Tilly are not.

Toby met the other "older dogs gang" and after a few tentative moments they all settled down together - which was a relief !
Toby with new friend Molly.

Toby's arrival takes the dog gang to nine !

Additionally, after it became apparent that poor old Toby hasn't got the slighest idea about when & where to go to the toilet ! - it has meant a reshuffle on the sleeping arrangements.

Currently Flick & Tess sleep in the utility room (which has lino - as sometimes Flick will surprise me in the morning with what I can only describe as an appalling mess - although he insists it could be entered for the Turner Prize - Now Toby will sleep there & Flick & Tess have moved into the conservatory for the night. (Fingers crossed & cleaning fluid at the ready)

Maddie - who used to sleep in the conservatory as she has always been a bit boisterous to have in the house has been promoted to "trial" house dog to share the lounge with the rest of the gang. Maddie is the cleanest of all the Dogs with regard to that matter!

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This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Update March 7th
Toby has made solid progress in his first week here & you can see him here enjoying a walk with his new friends. He is much less nervous now and will take tips from your hand - which is something he wouldn't do at first.

Toby & Duffy

Duffy came to stay on August 7th 2004. he is a very cute little chap and had been living in North Yorkshire.

Because of his age (15) it was impossible to get any of the larger charities to take Duffy in as it is so very hard to re-home elderly dogs.

Duffy was very brave & travelled the 5 hours down to the Sanctuary here in Essex where he was introduced first to Monty & Judy, then Tilly & the other dogs in the main dog gang & finally Molly the German Shepherd. This was the only likely difficult one, as Molly is dominant. However Duffy only wants to curl up & sleep so Molly has not reacted which is great news.

If you are not already a member of the Sanctuary, please do think about sponsoring Duffy or one of the other rescued animals as the feed bills alone are becoming increasingly difficult to meet.

If you are able to spare a few pounds a month, please do mail me for the details.

Thank you from me & "woof woof" from Duffy

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Duffy exploring the drive
Duffy canters with Johno in the background
Duffy likes to take a morning nap following a hard nights sleep

Sadly Toby passed away on 28th June
- see latest news page for further information
He will be sorely missed by everyone who loved him
Please help me to care for them all
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