Tilly The Basset Hound
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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Tilly moved in during August '03. She had been living in a garage with Molly the German Shephard before being rescued
Tilly is a very funny dog & you cannot help but smile when she comes bounding over to you to say hello.

Here she poses for a left hand side Police mug shot
Here is Tilly in Sept '06 snoozing with her good friend Granville one of the "feral cats" who has seen the benefit of moving indoors & becoming tame
She has several different pet names as well as Tilly. She is a very 'long' dog and was given the name 'The Long Mong' shortly after arriving here. It soon became apparent that 'The Long Mong' was not actually terribly well house trained & the phrase "The Long Mong has done wrong" was quicky coined
Here is Tilly catching up on some sleep after a heavy days sniffing and carrot stealing
Tilly's other pet name was coined after watching her get excited by visiting the dogs who sleep in the utility room. These dogs tend to be the youngsters whilst the majority, the oldies, sleep in the rest of the house. We tend not to mix the two groups as the youngsters can be too boisterous for some of the oldies who just want a quiet life. Tilly however one day broke through to the utility room when Flick & Tess the American Bulldogs were living in it - some years ago now. However instead of there being any trouble, Tilly became so excited that her whole body was bending from side to side as she wagged her tail. So 'Mrs Bendy' became another of her pet names.

Flick & Tess were bemused by their new friend & although Flick is sadly no longer with us, succumbing to Cancer, Tessy remains one of Tilly's best friends & they love to be together.
The renowned Carrot thief, Tilly AKA Mrs Bendy, AKA The Long Mong
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