This old sink planter once had some prize plants in it, but Flick has re-arranged it into a handy outside bed - ideal for a snooze eh?
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Tessy is an American Bulldog - a similar breed to the American Pitbull, but not the same.

I have experience of a true Red American Pitbull who I rescued years before the sanctuary was even started & she was the kindest most beautiful Dog I ever knew. I firmly believe that the only problems with these dogs are the "owners" - but that's a subject for a blog... & another day
A game of Tag in May '03
Flick going fast
Tessy is pictured above on the left together with her dear brother Flick. Flick was the reason they were both brought to the Sanctuary as he was born deaf & was due to be culled, but thankfully I was able to suggest that if I took his sister too, she would be able to "hear" for him & so a compromise was reached.

Flick was a lovely gentle dog too, but as with many white dogs he had a few issues - firstly his deafness & secondly he developed Cancer when he was about 6 years old & literally went from being fine to passing away in 7 days. In some ways it was a blessing that such a condition was not long & drawn out, but it was a real blow to loose him & Tessy was left in a terrible state.

Thanks to her friendship with Tilly the Basset she eventually got better & lives with the rest of the gang in the main part of the house now. Previously her & Flick had shared the Utility room on their own as they were too playful for the oldies in the house !

Most of the pictures I have of Tess are of her & Flick & I will leave them here in loving memory of Tess's big brother
Flick's outside bed
Flick 'n Tess
Tessy waits patiently for her dinner to be served !
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