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Please Sponsor Sally-Anne!
Suzanne is a vetinary nurse in Southend who saves the lives of dogs who are brought in by their owners to be put to sleep as no longer wanted despite being healthy, or where the Council have rounded up strays & policy dictates that they are killed after 7 days unless re-homed in that period (fat chance)

Suzanne whisks the dogs away to a kennels & pays for their board until she can find them a home. However, she now has such a debt to the kennels that they won't let her place any more dogs with them, until the debt is cleared.

The Tower Hill Stables Facebook Group has previously raised £300 towards the debt, but the situation is that the Council are now putting new dogs down as Suzanne cannot take any more until her debt is cleared.

She earns very little in her job, but has privately funded all her rescue work so far.  Fiona has taken a number of dogs from Suzanne over the years & so we know her and can vouch for the validity of what she does.

At the reqest of a FB group member I have created a new Chip In widget to collect funds specifically for this cause - see below

The amount is in US dollars as the software is US & I you are not given a choice over the currency - however it doesn't matter as Paypal auto converts your $ amount to £ on receipt at the Sanctuary.

We will pass these funds onto Suzanne - or to the kennels - as directed by Suzanne.

Clearly if you would like to take or foster one of the rescues, please get in touch with Suzanne on 07549 188088  - but please only call if you are 100% serious.

The kennels will not allow anyone to simply go up & have a look at the dogs and waste everyones time. (again) Thanks !

Help Save Suzanne's rescued dogs