Spitalfields Market Page !
To give you an idea of what is thrown away - here is a picture of todays (4/10/03) haul collected by Barbara, Rob & my partner Martin
Carrots, Bananas, Salad stuffs, tomatoes, Pears, Nashi Pears even, Rasberries, Apples, Peaches, Nectarines, Sprouts, Grapes, Bluberries, Cucumbers, THREE types of mellons - just look at those Greek mellons - invasion of the body snatchers or what !! - don't accidentally leave one of these by your bed at night!  (...check out the film !)

Claudia & Matilda tuck into a sprout & black grape feast !

Meanwhile, Sarah & Miss Piggy have ordered a banana & nectarine starter
...and James investigates a particularly enormous Peach
Terry trys out a pomegranate !
If you do live either near the market or near Brentwood and would like to collect some food to help the animals, please send me a mail
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