Here she is just after she arrived

Smithfield who escaped from an Abattoir
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Here is the original Gazette article December dated 24th 2002
Smithfield, now called Amelie, is a very brave Pig. If the article is hard to read, the basic story is that she made a dash from a Brentwood Abattoir & spent 6 weeks on the run - in spite of attempts to shoot her (some people are so nice aren't they?)

Amelie eventually made her way onto land owned by Sue Tucker, who bought Amelie to stop the men from shooting at her.

However as Sue didn't really have the facilities to look after Amelie in the long term, she has been trying to find a home for her.

For the last 4 months all the sanctuaries contacted were unable to help, but when I heard of her plight, although I am snowed under I agreed to help Amelie.

Amelie has been on a fruit diet for the past few weeks and will be introduced into a paddock tomorrow (17th June) to meet Jayne, Claudia & Matilda who are also Large Whites.

I will report back what happens !!

They have a lovely new area to root about in where the grass is over 2 foot tall, so hopefully there will be too much to do (eat) to worry about fighting. You have to magane these integrations carefully as you never can tell how new commers will be taken by the existing Pigs

When Jayne was introduced, there was only a bit of nose nipping, & I am hoping that this is all that will happen tomorrow

Here is Amelie, this afternoon.

Hello, I'm looking forward to going out tomorrow !!!

Update: Amelie is now one of the Large White Gang & lives happily along with Claudia Jayne & Matilda

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Thank you - says Amelie !