Please Help Us !
Twinkle & Poppy were at the Sanctuary field in Tillingham, but with the opportunity to share the grass out more, and due to their calm nature we decided to bring them back to Asheldham to this newly rented paddock !
Please Help Us !
Another New Field!
Here is a shot of the new place - all the grass you can see are the newly rented paddocks. There are 4 paddocks altogether, so that will be fabulous for rotational purposes.

The house in the picture is where the owners live & they are there all the time & will be keeping an eye on the new residents !

Fiona will visit this field twice a day to check everyone is OK & make sure that the water trough is full
Jay is one of the Horses who was at the main sanctuary & has come to spend the Summer here to ensure that Twinkle & Poppy do not eat "all" the grass - as that wouldn't be fair !
Here is Jay's friend "Ben" who has decided to come with Jay to the new field.

Ben is the Horse who was literally brought down the drive by a man who said that he was on his way to the Knacker man unless Fiona wanted to take him.

Poor Ben :0(

What a lucky escape he has had
Clearly Fiona's life saving actions are not without cost & to think that we now have 4 sites in the area is incredible - but just demonstrates that the flow of unwanted animals is getting worse

If you are already a supporter - thank you for your help, we would not be able to do this without your loyal support.

If you would like to join the 250 people who help Fiona care for the 400 rescued animals we would very much like to hear from you !

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Thank you for caring - & please don't forget - this is not what Fiona does for a living. Nothing is deducted from donations to cover our costs as these are all met privately. Everything donated goes towards the feed costs which are £5300 a month

Thank You !