Sadie - Arrived 10th April 2010
Sadie is a very small dog ! - She is a Chiwawa cross Jack Russell cross Hamster! - well perhaps not the last one...but she is very small & cute

Sadie was originally homed from Battersea, but being old and a little incontinent, she soon found herself being passed from pillar to post. Eventually Fiona received a call to see whether she would be able to provide a forever home & she said yes.

Sadie was driven over by Animal Rescue  folk on Saturday & arrived in the afternoon.

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Here she is in Fiona's arms !

In this picture you can get an idea of how small she is against Fiona's size 3 wellingtons !
As regular readers will know, all of the Dogs at Tower Hill Stables live in the house with us - we don't think keeping Dogs in kennels is much fun for them.

To this end, there are 3 separate "dog gangs" - the younger boisterous ones live in the utility room & have the main yard to play in.

The main gang have the main part of the house & permanent access to the front & rear patios.

The "oldies" live at the back of the house & have access to their own bit of the conservatory & outside patio. These dogs are the very old ones, the blind & the deaf & clearly whilst the get on with each other, we need to be careful that they don't come into contact with the younger dogs as they will be too much to handle for them.

This is achieved by having a dog gate at every door in the house - which makes making your way from the kitchen to the back bedroom with a cup of tea on a tray a feat of extreme balance, dexterity and cunning !

Clearly Sadie will live with the oldies ! & here she is asleep on her first night at the Sanctuary

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