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Pudding arrived in November '07 together with Lassie the little blind Dog

Both had been found wandering the streets of Sheffield & clearly as old dogs the likely story is that they will have been turfed out.

Pudding has some skin conditions & this will have also been a contributing factor in my opinion.

Pudding is a well behaved dog & clearly
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Pudding has settled in well & here she is having a snooze on day 2 with her new friend Tessy!

at some point would have been a beloved pet. Often when an elderly person dies or goes into a home, the family doesn't want to take responsibility for their dog & they end up at a pound. Failure to be re-homed in a few short weeks means that they will get the needle.

Luckily for Pudding she was whipped out of the pound at the last minute & travelled from Doncaster to here.
She had a lot of open wounds on her back & was clearly distressed from scratching them on anything she could find, but after I shampooed her with a medicated solution, she was much happier & her back is calming down & less red. She does have a few large cyst type lumps on her back, but at her age it is pointless to do anything if they are not troubling her
Pudding in a basket