"Yes, this is fine"

Design consultant Flick here tests the rigidity of the pallet trough
In situ, the trough is laden with fruit, courtesy of Rob & Graham (of Vegan Essex) who did the Saturday trip to spitalfields this week.

Claudia, Matilda & Amelie tuck in.
Claudia, proves that Flicks calculations above were correct as she trys to break the trough by standing on it.

Now we know that it works, we will build a few more this week so that the Large Whites can have one each !

Here is Sams Gangs Mexican Hat Pig Feeder filled with fruit
Their fields do get very muddy at this time of year, but the Pigs all have large paddocks & there are dry areas for them wander onto - if they want to ! Also their houses are raised & have dry hay beds.