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Pigs - Bessy' Family (also known as Sam's Gang!!)
Bess is the Aunt Pig of one of my most recent Pig rescues. All six of these Pigs were due to be shot on Friday 31st May 2002, but when I heard about it I could not ignore their plight - even though I just don't have the funds to look after any more animals. I agred to take Bess & her family & just hope that I can attract a few more members to help with the costs.

There were 4 Goats too, you can read about them on the Goats page.

Bess is about 11, and very deaf & quite blind, but she is very friendly and will take food from your hand - as they all will. Her family consists of Sam, Sarah, Specs, Miss Piggy & Flicks
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Here is Bessy about 6 weeks on from arrival, she is looking much fatter now & often snacks out on a many as 30 donuts in one sitting (thanks to Tesco's late night reducements!)
4 of Bessy's family snacking on toast & bagels
Bess was in a terrible state when she arrived, and her family were not in very good condition either. Thankfully it was just a case of feeding them up on good food.

Click HERE to see Bessy on the day she arrived & also what she looked like after 3 months eating !
Bess makes a very comfortable Cat bed for Saracen
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