All the boys have been seen to (!) & all are doing very well. Cilla has done very well to keep the entire litter & has now fully recovered her condition. It's amazing to look at the size differences between the piglets now at a year old. The biggest (Giant Haystacks) is as big as his mother, & the smallest (Mr Muscles) is about a third of the size.
Cilla's family were rescued when in 1999 I got a call from the RSPCA asking if I could foster a litter of piglets until a suitable home could be found.  The litter was unwanted & the RSPCA had been called out to put them all to sleep! Obviously I said I would have them & collected them.

The mother pig (Cilla) was fairly underweight & had her eight babies (rabbit sized) at her side. Seven were black & one was pink (guess which one is now called Babe?).Having set eyes on them I agreed to keep them (was there ever any question?) & they now have their own field shelter & area to scrub about in.
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Pigs - Cilla's Black Gang (& one Pink!)
Here Giant Haystacks (one of the babies !) discovers a pile of carrots
A curious babe (James) checks out the camera
Cilla & her babies tuck into some baguettes - courtesy of Bagel Byte in Brentwood, Essex
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September 2002

Cilla's gang have now got a new outside home! I have electrified  a small paddock & they moved in this afternoon. The only way to keep pigs in a field is run an electrified wire at about 8 inches off the ground on the inside of the fence, otherwise they will simply push & dig their way out

They are having a great time sunbathing in the unusually warm October weather & in their "house" they sleep in about 6 bales of straw & 2 of hay which they have made into a deep nest.

Most of the greenery you can see has been "harvested"  by the pigs - not to eat, but to add to their sleeping quarters. They look so cute walking out, grabing a mouthful of weed & returning to HQ to add it to the bed !
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August 2006

Cilla and all her 8 babies are all doing fine and here you can see them tucking into a load of fruit which they love.

All this fruit comes from Sainsbury's in Brentwood who very kindly let us have the fruit, veg and bread that is on or just past its sell by.

Letting the animals have it is great as it provides them with a tremendous quality diet and stops the lovely food from being thrown away.

There is nothing wrong with it as you can see !!