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The Large Whites !
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Some years ago we took two Pigs from a Pig plant in Oxfordshire who had been rescued by VIVA! Here are 2 pictures of them on the day they arrived
Grubbing has exposed a seam of ... ...baguettes?
Tired out after so much grubbing
These poor Pigs had never seen bedding before & their skin is stained with the faeces & urine they had been made to lie in at the food processing plant. One has had an abscess on her hind leg - probably caused by lying on concrete. I have treated the wound & will make sure that they both have comfortable lives hereon in. They will be moving to their own field with shelter as soon as the fencing is complete & their luxury pig ark arrives!
The Pig ark has arrived!
Here are Claudia & Matilda in their new paddock. I love to see them running about, they are really enjoying themselves.

On the right is their luxury pig ark which is very snug and below I am feeding them a few bagels
Mid-November, Jayne has joined Claudia & Matilda
Click on the picture above to see Claudia's face close up!
Jayne was from the same Pig unit as Claudia & Matilda & she was the sole survivor of a fire there and has some scars on her back. Also her tail has become fused/melted to her back. She is very happy to be here, but must have endured considerable pain from the fire.
All 3 get on really well & snuggle in the Arc
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Update - November 2004

Now that Percy is here, the other 4 have moved into a new part of the field. Percy got to keep Claudia, Jayne, Amelie & Matilda's luxury Pig Arc ! - So we had to build some new accomodation
The accomodation features a rear "snug" area for sleeping and an additional covered area provides a comfortable al fresco dining area. Well ventilated, the property enjoys a southly aspect with easy access to front & rear paddock areas
You can just about see Percy in the far paddock here. With Jayne & Matilda keeping an eye on things at home,  Amelie & Claudia investigate the intruder with the camera
Update October 2008
Below you can see the five Large White Pigs who live together now (Jayne, Matilda, Amalie, Nadia & Dinara) enjoying a lunch of fruit, veg and bread !

Percy & CT live in the paddock behind this gang. They tend to bully Percy, so he has to live with CT.  You can see how over the Summer the five of them have all but eaten their lovely house. It will need repairing ahead of the Winter & we desperately need some 8 by 4 plywood panels to repair it. If you know anyone in the building trade or who works on a site anywhere please ask them if they will help us
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