Percy the Piglet
Here are a few pictures of Percy aged 2 days - on the day of his arrival.
Percy's Bedroom - for now
Feeding time !
Exhausted after a feed
Percy will need a feed every few hours for the next few days & this is a risky time

It will be very important that he takes his milk successfully & I will keep the news page updated with his progress
See News Page for Story (8th November '03)
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Percy's Progress Here !
Percy's Progress Reports
November 2004

April 25th

Here is Percy Now !!!! - Percymus Giganticus @ 5 months

Percy - where have you had your nose !!!

January 18th

Percy continues to grow at an enormous rate - he is still having his milk drinks athough officially he should have weaned off them a good few weeks ago ! - trouble is he enjoys them so much. He is nearly tall enough to reach the top of his stable door.

Christmas Eve

Here is a picture of Percy enjoying a late night Christmas Eve milk drink ! Hasn't he grown !!!

14th December

Percy moves outside to a stable !! - He loves playing in the straw and enjoyed trying to eat everyones shoes at the open day today !

22nd November

Percy is doing well & drinking loads of milk replacer ! Here he is on Saturday night attacking the throw on a sofa & then seeing off Miss Tabetha - who had been minding her own under the chair !

15th November - Percimus Maximus

It's Saturday night & Percimus Maximus is the commander of the yellow towel & the teddies of the north

12th November

Percy is making excellent progress. He is drinking all his milk replacer up & growing bigger every day. Today he moved out of his cat pen house into a large dog cage.

Here he is taking his evening exercise stroll around the kitchen floor this evening.

9th November

Percy's first night was always going to be the riskiest time, as it was vital that he started to take milk replacer quickly. He took a small amount of feed during Saturday evening and I fed him at 2 am, 4 am & at 6am.

He got the hang of the suckling technique at the 2 am feed & guzzled about half the feed bottle !

He is now feeding at regular intervals & I have no reason to think that he won't make it through the critical next few weeks - which is more than I can say for me ! On top of everything else I have a marathon to run at the end of November !

Just look at his expression ! He means business !!
Click here for a close up.
Here is Percy in his field - he's just eaten a box of Bananas ! (about 50)

Hasn't he come a long way in one year !
Yes? can I help you??