25th April - Sheep move out

The arrival of Holly below left me with a problem with stabling - I already have 8 (of the 19 !) horses (youngsters) living out now, but Holly needs a stable & I was one short. It was time to move the sheep to their spring/summer quarters & free up a stable.

Click here to see them in their field - eventually I will integrate hem with the Likely Lads & Florence, but for now they have adjoining pens. They will keep their very thick coats for a few more weeks until the risk of frost is gone & then I will arrange for someone to shear their coats.

Also check here for the latest pictures of Percy Piglet & be ready for a shock !! - select Percy's progress reports

24th April - Holly the Pony arrives

Now, as regular readers will know, I don't have an inch to spare here, & with 18 horses & 4 Cows there is absolutely no room for more animals, let alone animals of this size - however when I heard that 25 year old Holly was facing being shot I couldn't stand by & let that happen. - Pictures here

Her owner was unable to keep her anymore having recently acquired a "faster one" and had tried  unsuccesfully to re-home Holly as a riding horse - "well you see she does look like a jumper" she explained to me. All I saw was an elderly horse who probably should have been retired 3 or 4 years ago, sunken backed, underweight, standing in it's box wondering when it would have to be made to gallop again. Holly had even been hacked yesterday with 3 shoes on. She also explained how Holly bucked when a saddle was fitted - ...urm possibly because her back was hurting ???

I even had to insist that a transporter was used as the owner wanted to "hack" Holly over, some 6 miles of winding country roads  (with 3 shoes !!)   Holly is stabled next to Babushka and will never have to be ridden again, she will go out into the fields with the older horses gang in a month or so.

If you are not already a member of the sanctuary, Please think about becoming one by sponsoring Holly or any of the other 230 rescued animals here - particularly now with another horse to care for. You can be a member from just £2 per month & you will be able to visit rescued animals on the Sanctuary open days, the next one being 27th June. 100% of all donations ges towards the animals feed bills.

21st April - Bess Trauma

I thought I was going to loose Bess the Pig today as when I opened up the stables this morning she was laying on her side, was rigid & was making a dreadful noise. I was unable to touch her without her squealing in a terrible way. I thought she was dying & called for the emergency vet.  I have seen Pigs do this before & this behaviour in my experience is normally followed by a coma & then death so I was in a bit of a state. The vet arrived very quickly - about half an hour - but fortunately during that time I had managed to get Bess up on her feet & she was munching on a banana as the vet checked her out. She had had a "seizure" which is really an unexplained phenomena but if it recurs tablets can be prescribed. She has thankfully been OK since this.

I know its wrong to have favourites, but Bessy is such a special Pig & when I think about the state she was in when she arrived & how she is now, I would be absolutely devastated if anything were to happen to her

18th April - London Marathon - me on TV !!!

Because of my previous times I was able to start at the front of
the race just behind the elite men, and the BBC picked me out
as I was the only woman in the vicinity ! I was able to say a few
words on air about the sanctuary and also about my poor dying
friend Elena & the campaign to help re-home her dogs
(see 1st April entry below).

The weather conditions were awful & I was absolutely freezing.
I'm not sure what my time was, I know the timer was on 2.58 as
I rounded the last corner & when I finished, a race official
congratulated me on my sub 3 hour performance.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me for the animals here
& in Moscow & also thanks to those people who saw my interview,
found the web site & mailed or phoned / texted me
- much appreciate your support.

14th April - London Marathon Looms !

A big thank you to all who have already or have offered to sponsor me for this - this is my first attempt at London, as it is at the wrong time of year - just coming out of the Winter.

If you would like to sponsor me either for the animals at Tower Hill Stables or for the animals we look after in Moscow i would be very grateful - please contact me on the e mail button above

12th April - Buttercup the Cow passes on

Buttercup was the twin sister to Bluebell the little Cow who passed away last October aged 4. Bluebell was the smaller of the twins, and neither he or his sister ever grew very much. Daisy the cow, who was rescued at the same time as them, is literally twice their size. We always knew that Bluebell was the runt of the litter, but Buttercup was only a tiny bit bigger. I have recently been told that oxygen starvation at birth can cause brain damage which can lead to lack of growth, & I am now wondering whether this is what in fact happen with these twins. Buttercup has been seemingly perfectly heathly - albeit small - until a few weeks ago, when she seemed to lack a bit of interest in her food. This is just what happened with Bluebell.  I stabled her to monitor what she was eating & she seemed OK at first, she was eating her hay, but wasn't interested in the short feed. I got the feeling she was giving up on 11th & she passed quietly in the night.   It was a real shock that it hapened so quickly & I am just so grateful that she didn't suffer. I am very upset as with Summer just around the corner, she would have been out in the fields in just a few short weeks.

Her body was collected by Defra on 13th & I have to wait for their report. They didn't report anything wrong after Bluebell passed & I personally believe that this was a genetic issue in these twins.

I just have to think about the 4 & a half years she was here.  Goodbye Buttercup, I will miss you xxx

10th April - Thank you for your support (re Russian sanctuary)

Thank you to those who have helped with the Russian Dogs & Cats appeal, we have managed to buy some time by employing a local woman who lives in Elena's block to come into the flat on a daily basis & see to the dogs & cats. We are paying her $150 per month which is actually a good enough wage to ensure that she does the job well. This will enable a little breathing space now that Elena is in hospital. We are still investigating the options with the dogs - being more of a challenge to re-home - including advertising in the areas of Moscow inhabited by ex-patriats who have a different view with regard to anima welfare than the norm. I will keep you posted & thanks again for your support.

1st April - Bad News from Russian Sanctuary

Elena Lonshakova is one of the Russian pensioners that Tower Hill supports in Moscow. Elena has been ill since I met her & has been suffering with cancer for some time. She lives in a one room apartment & cares for over 20 dogs & many cats she has rescued from the streets of Moscow over the years. All of my Russian Sanctuary colleagues "look out" for Elena but today I received the terrible news that Elena now has leukaemia and must go into hospital. There really is no chance that she will return.

Elena has led a really tragic, hard and sad life and yet through it all she has kept on giving life to and helping animals.  As she now draws near to the end of her stay on this earth I want her to know that her work will be continued and her beloved animals will be safe.  She will be able to look down from Heaven and see that we have carried on her work.  I think that is all I can do for her now.  I have helped her and stood by her for the 6 years I have known her, although I do not see her often I will miss her terribly.

To this end we are trying to find homes for the animals but this is not an easy task in Russia. In fact it is absolutely impossible. I have contacted a newspaper here about Elena and they may be interested in running  story - they are coming to see me on Monday with a view to possibly running an appeal campaign. There is only one option that I can see to help these poor dogs & that is to get those that are fit enough to travel to this country. I fully appreciate the scale of such a project but refuse to stand by & do nothing. An airline I have spoken to have also mentioned that they may be able to help if a campaign is run.

Already (& as expected) I have run into people who have suggested in the strongest possible terms that this is a complete & utter waste of time & it would be far better to put the dogs to sleep AND if I want to rescue dogs why don't I get some from Battersea AND that this will directly take money away from dog rescue in this country.

My answers to these criticisms are these: I do not recongnise geographical boundaries - I recognise only the suffering of animals wherever they may be. Tower Hill Stables is not just concerned with animals in this country it is concerned with welfare everywhere. Dogs needing homes in this country at least stand some chance, the animals in question here have no chance.

If a campaign is run to raise funds, this will not take money away from other organisations, campaigns with a solid basis, strong story and definite success criteria are designed to attract funds that otherwise would not necessarily go towards animal rescue.

I told Elena when I met her that I would help her & now she is dying I do not intend to go back on my word. I would rather die than break my pledge.

Already a number of supporters I have spoken to have pledged support and I have said that any funds received for this campaign will be ring-fenced and used specifically for this project. If it turns out to be beyond my abilities those funds will be returned - as with the funds received for the Bear rescue campaign which is on-going (see 24/3 for latest update on that)

26th March - Bo very poorly

Tonight as I put the horses to bed I noticed Bo behaving strangely in his box.  He was not very hungry (which is strange in itself) but more than that he seemed extremely restless.  I decided to put him back out in the fields so he could get rid of his excess energy but I soon realised to my horror that his behaviour was attributable to colic.  This is a word which fills me with absolute dread as I lost my beloved Muffin to the horrible illness just over two years ago and consequently know how horrific it can be. 

Thankfully I did not think Bo's colic was anywhere near as severe as poor Muffin's as he was not sweating or did not have too high a temperature (although I must admit I did!).  I decided to bring him back into his box and let him rest for a few hours and see what happened before I called the vet.  I knew that at this stage the vet would only do the same thing as it was in it's first stages and very often colic will 'right itself'.  I sat with him for a good few hours and he seemed very calm laying in his box, occasionally getting up to come over to me for reassurance and a cuddle.  Then, at around 10.30 p.m he got up quite suddenly and went to the toilet.  I was so thrilled as I knew then he would be OK.  The joy was overwhelming. 

For those who don't know, or who have never seen the dramatic effects a colic can have, this may seem a rather strong use of vocabulary but, believe me after having seen first hand what it can do to a horse, it is not!

UPDATE: Today, Bo is perfectly well again and was thrashing around his paddock like a horse possessed.  What a relief!!!!!

25th March - Judgement Day

I was very proud to be asked to judge a Russian School Children's Art Competition ! My contacts in Russia have been involved with an educational anti fur campaign in Russian schools and over 3000 children entered the competition with a picture and a slogan.

The initial judging was done in Russia and the final 18 pictures were mailed to me to select the three winning entries.  This was a hard task as the standard was very high.  Click here to see the results.

24th March - Russian Bear Update

I have arranged to travel to Russia at the beginning of May to finalise the purchase of the two bears I have been campaigning for the custody of for almost a year.  It is a painfully slow process in Russia and I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with this campaign and hope to bring good news soon.

25th March - Internet connection live again

Both my mail problem & my internet connection issues have now been resolved - I do apologise if you have contacted me & not heard back over the past few weeks. I believe I have now "caught up" with the backlog, so if you awaiting a reply it maybe that I never actually received your mail - please try again using the link on this page - thanks

22nd March - Summer Open Day Announced

The Summer open day will be on Sunday 27th June. If you are a member/supporter you should have received an e-mail about this. If you have not received one, it might be that I don't have the correct e mail address for you. Please contact me on the e-mail button above.

21st March - CD released in aid of the Sanctuary

Well when I say released... My partner Martin has finally got round to recording some of his music onto CD & copies are available from his web site in aid of the rescued animals at the sanctuary !

Martin is a progressive rock fan of the 70's & he has warned me to warn any potential purchasers that it may well only have a limited appeal !! (it's all instrumental too)

His web site is www.yaksongs.com & his old band was called "Yak" - (well they used to like the band "Camel" ....) There are eight 30 second mp3 clips that you can download to get a feel for what you may be letting yourself in for !!

20th March - E mail Problems

I have just realised that since the 27th Feb any e mails sent to me via this site using the .towerhillstables.com address have not been getting through to me (they are not even bouncing back) - I do not know the reason & cannot investigate until Monday - I have changed the e mail button at the top of this page to an e mail address that does work, & I can only apologise if you have mailed me & haven't heard back - please use the mail button above to resend your message.

16th March - 3 days of trauma !

The last few days have been eventful ! - On Sunday I competed in the Brentwood half marathon to a) raise awareness for animal welfare & to b) stand up for my vegan / vegetarian views & c) hopefully raise awareness for my work at the Sanctuary.

I am pleased to report that I won the race in 1 hour 25 minutes & I was particularly pleased that I finished 4 minutes ahead of the 2nd placed lady.

My partner Martin looked after the animals in the morning & I helped him with the jobs when I got back. Whilst I was out however - & here comes the trauma - Mrs Grey Headed Goose had decided to fly away ! Now the 7 Geese have been at the Sanctuary for nearly a year & in all that time have shown zero interest in flying. They are afterall about 28 years old & like Aylesbury Ducks, they just don't fly ! - or so I thought.

She took off in the morning, flying initially into the school & then launched herself & flew about 200 yards down the fields. None of the others followed & in spite of several "round up" attempts by Martin, she just flew further & further away.

At the end of the day, as with the Ducks, the Geese are free to do what they want during the day but at night I put them in the stable block for their own protection. I had not expected her to fly off like that. We decided to see if she would come back later but she didn't. About haf past 5 we thought we heard her calling (or crying!) in the distance, so we set off to see whether we could find her. She would not survive very long on her own as there are no safe places nearby & there are Foxes about.

Eventually we spied her in a farmers field about half a mile away - she must have got into the river at the bottom of the field & swam west & then walked into the field. We gingerly  approached her & armed with a swan hook attached to a piece of roofing baton we managed to catch her - BUT she broke free & headed off into the undergrowth - Martin piled in after her & managed to catch her - & also sprain his wrist !!

She was very calm & didn't struggle as we walked back - I think she was relieve to see her friends, but as a precaution I have clipped her wings - I hate to do this, but given the risks associated with an elderly Goose on the loose I believe it was the correct thing to do. We believe that she was only able to fly so far because the wind was so very strong on Sunday & by flying into the wind she was able to get airborn quickly.

2nd Trauma - Monday - the Great Escape - having done all the jobs on this side of the road I took the food across the road to where the Great White's & Sam's Gang live & was dismayed to see that the Great Whites had clearly been reading the Great Escape - as they were out !! (They are called Large Whites really, but that doesn't scan as well for a headline!)

The electric fence is charged by a car battery, but they had manage to pile mud up against the cable which had drained the battery - after a time they must have realised that there was no charge in the fence & had pushed their way through it. There's not much to stop a 500 pound Pig when it wants to go somewhere !

They had not actually left the field, but had made camp near the fence of their paddock, albeit on the wrong side ! - Thankfully, Claudia, Matilda & Amelie went straight back in, but Jayne gave me the run around for over an hour & a half before going back in - not really what you want to have to deal with the day after a race - or any day really !!

I used 3 bags of shortfeed to get them all back & then I had to lug the batery back to the workshop & charge it up. That evening we bought a new battery - just to be on the safe side

3rd Trauma - Tuesday 16th - Everyone was OK, so I went for my training run at lunchtime - got back to see that Skipio, one of the elderly thoroughbred horses had decided to kick the fence down in his turnout area & had got in with the younger horses ! - His companions, Dolly & Charity had decided not to join him & were standing patiently to go back to their stables.

Took half an hour to seperate him from the seven youngsters who all thought it was terrifc fun to charge about madly whilst I tried to catch Skipio !

Looking forward to tomorrow.....what next....

9th March - 4 new tyres from ATS

The Sanctuary ambulance - which is thankfully only used on rare occasions - has been "off the road" for some time now. "Daisy" as I call her, is a Ford Cargo horsebox and is used to transport the larger animals to & from the vet as & when needed. However I needed to replace several tyres before I can arrange for the "Plating" - the lorry equivalent of an MOT.

I wrote to ATS to see whether they would be able to help the sanctuary with this and they very generously agreed to provide and fit the tyres at no cost to the sanctuary.

Click here to see the pictures

7th March - Toby Update

Toby has been here a week now. Click here to see the latest pictures & progress

6th March - Geese Drama

I thought the Geese had been mysteriously quite this afternoon, & when I went to herd them back from the garden to the stable block for the night, they were nowhere to be seen. I glanced over to the pond & thought it was odd, as there are only 3 white aylesbury ducks on the pond & I could see at least 6 white birds on the pond !

Now you might think it odd that this might cause concern, but the pond is completely ring fenced to make it Fox proof for the safety of the 5 ducks & moorhens that live on in. The 7 Geese I look after do not have access to the pond for 2 main reasons. Firstly they are all very old, most are around 26 years & at this age they are no longer actually fully waterpoof ! They will of course float, but after a time they will become waterlogged - so at this age they do not have to have access to water for swiming in - they have large bowls to splash about & wash in and o course to drink.

The second reason is that Geese unless having access to truly massive lakes will actually destroy a small pond very quickly by eroding the edges at an alarming rate - all the plant life will be eaten & quite quickly you won't have much of a pond for other animal & fish life to live in.

If you need them to live on a smaller pond you really need to "edge" the pod with wooden sides (half round stakes will do the job) so that the "pond edge" cannot be "eaten".

The pond here has natural edges and so is unsuitable for 7 Geese !

Anyway to get to the point! - all but one of them had found a section of the fence where there was a small gap betwen the bottom of the fence & the ground & they had dug a bit & squeezed under to get the pond ! The 7th was circling the pond wondering how the others had got in!

There was no choice, I could have left them there, but the 7th one would not be caught so I had to do something as it was getting dark - I had to go in! Armed with a 10' fallen branch & some wellington boots that I was hoping might be just tall enough to prevent a bootfull, I stepped in. It was a bit deeper than I had in mind & soon the icy water began to overflow my boot tops & slowly fill up !  I had to drive them back towards their hole & eventually after about 30 minutes they decided to exit the Pond, joined with the 7th bird & all run back to the stables.

I then had to fix the problem hole & then retired for a fresh pair of socks & some dry boots.

26th February - Toby arrives

As regular readers will know, I don't have an inch here, but I couldn't stand by when I heard about the plight of an elderly lurcher cross called Toby who has had a very bad time of things. Very kindly, Rob & Andi of Vegan Essex offered to fetch Toby for me as it would have been a 5 hour round trip for me & with over 200 animals here I take a risk every time I leave the property.

Toby arrived late in Friday night and you can see him here

24th February - Baby Goat Update

The two baby Goats are both doing very well - Click here to see their latest pictures

20th February - Buttercups Progress

From below (13/2), Buttercup the Cow has been poorly, however she is slowly getting back on her feet. She is living in a stable now with Bo the Horse on one side & Peanut the yearling on the other. Here is a picture of her taken today.

15th February - Straw surprise for the Large Whites

As you will imagine at this time of year the Pigs paddocks can get a little bit muddy and Claudia, Matilda, Jayne & Amelie's paddock was getting a bit too muddy !
Today however, my main Hay Merchant very kindly brought me an enormous straw bale - equal to 20 normal bales ! This he popped into their field & they absolutely love it.

Click here to see them

14th February - Thank you to Beverley!

A big thank you to Beverley who underwent a 24 hour "fast" to raise sponsorship for the rescued animals. Thanks to Beverley's "denial" & her generous friends & family a magnificant £468 was raised. I am so grateful for this it's a great boost & will pay for the animals feed for around a week.

Thanks also to Rob for doing a solo spitalfields run this week - the Pigs loved the bananas !

13th February - Buttercup the Cow improves

Buttercup is one of the first three cows I rescued about 5 years ago along with Daisy & Bluebell. Daisy has grown into an enormous healthy cow but Bluebell & Buttercup were always very small. Sadly Bluebell passed away about 5 months ago. They were twins but Bluebell was always the smaller of the two. We still do not know the cause of death and were told that it was possibly something genetic. So you can imagine my horror when about 2 weeks ago Buttercup started to look miserable. I immediately separated her from the others & made her as comfortable as possible with as much food as she could manage. The brilliant news is that 2 weeks later she is feeling much better & looks much brighter in her eyes.

12th February - 4 more Cockerels

Four more Cockerels arrived today - I had to take them as otherwise they were going to feed Ferrets ! - I have absolutely no room & they are living in a rabbit run for the time being. They are large birds & I cannot risk putting them in with the main Cockerel herd as they will probably upset the apple cart by picking on some of the older Cockerels as they are large & that is just not fair on the existing residents.

7th February - Gale Damage

The terrible winds on Saturday night ripped some of the roof off of Sam Pig & his gangs shelter. Two of the roof panels had become dislodged & had left a gaping hole in Sam's roof. he wasn't amused as he pointed out the damage when I took his food over this morning but I agreed to get it fixed before sunset !  Six new roofing nails later & his house was a good as new. Fortunately it had not rained on the house whilst there was a hole, so their bedding was nice & dry.

The two baby goats (from 29th Jan entry below) are both very well and Natalia their Mum has done very well as they are both looking very fit & jumping round their stable quite a lot !

5th February - 5 new cats

I agreed to take 5 more feral cats today & they arrived this evening. At the moment I don't have their pictures to post, but they are all well & have been put into feral pens where they will stay for at least 4 weeks, so that they become familiar with the surroundings- otherwise if I just let them go now, they will run away. Keeping them in pens for 4 weeks is usually very successful & only on rare occasions will a feral cat bolt on release.
I will post their pictures soon

30th Jan - Peanut Problems

Peanut is one of the horses & today I found her cast in her box. Being "cast" means that the horse is unable to get up. Horses are all different, some like to sit down at night, some don't. Peanut loves to lie down at night & it is not unusual to see her sitting down, however today I saw her down at lunchtime which is unusual for her. 15 minutes later I realised something was wrong as she was lying completely down & wasn't moving. She had managed to get herself "cast" against the stable wall. Sometimes a horse can get itself into a position in a stable where it is up against a wall & just can't manage to get it's legs in the right position to stand. This a serious condition and if left can be fatal.

I had to tie a rope to Peanuts rear hooves & drag her carefully away from the wall - easier said than done! In all I took about 45 minutes to get her to a position where she could get up. It was a huge relief when she stood & she immediately tucked into her hay! Not an ideal thing to deal with when you are on your own.

The baby goats are doing well.

29th Jan - Did I say 17 Goats?

Having just updated the Goats page below with the 17 Goats I thought I had - I was stunned late this afternoon when I went to the stables to hand out afternoon treats as there in the pen that housed the 3 beckton Goats, Svetlana, Rudolf & Natalia, were two more Goats !! Huh? Click here to see why

28th Jan - Goat Pages

I have re-vamped the Goats page as it was a little out of date & I now have pictures of all 17 of the Goats currently living at the Sanctuary. Click here to see or click on Florence's face on the home page

26th Jan - Food Delivery

Due to the impending bad weather I ordered 4 weeks of hard feed instead of two this week & today over 6 tons of food was delivered ! - Hundreds & hundreds of 20 Kg sacks had to be unloaded & stored away ! I also had an extra 100 bales of hay delivered as I need to have plenty to hand just incase the roads do get bad & the merchants are unable to deliver later this week.

All the animals have extra deep beds when the weather is like this - I wish I could have got a picture last night, as I went down the stables quietly to see if everyone was OK before I turned in myself & Bessy the Pig was fast asleep, snoring away on her hay bed with no less that 5 feral cats curled up against her tummy. (White cat, Marie, Snuffles, Dora & Betty)

24th Jan - Poorly Christmas Turkey

One of the Nine Turkeys I took in before Christmas this year is not doing as well as the others. All had leg problems, and were very underweight. They still have joint problems but are strong enough to manage a few steps before having to sit down again. They are however very resilient and after another 6 months should be a lot better. One however is not putting on weight. I seperated her from the others on Sunday and built her her own pen where she is sitting with her private food pile & private water supply within easy reach. She has started to chirip a lot more & I have bought her some special food to try & get some weight on. She is eating normally & I will post regular progress updates.

22nd - Very sad news

I am very sorry to have to report that Vladamir, one of the Goats I took from Becton a short while ago has passed away. His poorly foot was on the mend, as he had been using it again this past week. Sadly though he passed in the night. The vet who saw the four of them originally when they first arrived had said that Vladamir was the oldest of the four and was in the poorest condition. It is, as ever, always terrible when this happens. There were no external symptoms and the other three (in that Goat gang) are fine. I believe that the most likely cause was heart failure.

Poor little man - I will miss him

20th Jan - Daisy the Chicken

Daisy the poorly Chicken (see 13/1 below) is making excellent progress. She has benifited from some individual attention & private supply of feed ! I have decided not however not put her back in with the main herd until the Spring. This will give her the best chance to get back to full strength.

18th Jan - Pig troughs go live

As the Winter continues, the Pigs really do turn their fields over & although they love to wallow, I like to put their food down somewhere it is dry. Having said that they just pick it up & drop it in the mud - but there's not much I can do about that !

I managed to get hold of a proper pig feeder for Sam's gang, it's like a mexican hat made of metal - weighing about 70 lbs - so it stays put ! - for Claudia & Matilda's gang we made an experimental trough out of a particularly heavy pallet ! - Click here to see the goings on.

14th Jan - Feed Merchants

I use a company called Gladwells to supply my food for the animals and I wrote to them to ask if they would consider linking to my site from theirs. They kindly said yes & have put a fantastic link on their main page ! - check it out here.

Gladwells deliver food to me here every two weeks and also offer a facility whereby anyone who wants to buy the rescued animals here some food can call them & leave an "amount" on the Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary Account" which will go towards the next feed order. More details here ( & click the "Buy some Food for the Animals" link).

If you would like to do this, this is a fantastic help & Gladwells can be reached via their web site or by phone on 01473 730246. Thank you very much

13th Jan - Poorly Chicken

Tonight when I put the Chickens away I noticed that one of the hens (Daisy) was looking a bit under the weather. It is very important to keep a close check on all the animals every single day as their health can deteriorate very quickly - particularly at this time of year. I closed the doors to the chicken sheds & took the hen back to the stable block where I cleaned her up & put her in a spare hutch and made her up a fresh nest. She is eating & I think she will be fine. She will probably need a few weeks rest on her own away from the others to recover before I put her back.

I didn't mention it on the news page, but a similiar thing happened with one of the Cockrels a few weeks ago. I brought him in at the time & he has recovered very well. I will probably leave him for another few week before putting him back with the others as he is enjoying his "holiday" in the stable block.

11th Jan - Storm warning

Having just finished the jobs & sat down to tea at 9 we saw that the weather was going to get really bad later tonight, & so it was back down the stables to get the Cows in. They already have a field shelter, but when it is going to storm I prefer them to be inside. I have previously cleared the bottom end of the stable block out for such situations & it only took about half an hour to secure the gates & bring them in.

Also as the hole in the stable wall got a little bigger in the wind today we decided to repair that whilst we were outside with a 10 by 4 foot sheet of tin roofing as it faced right into the wind & I was worried about the wind getting in & lifting the roof if it really does storm.

The nails went into the wood a little too easy (more rot to woory about!) but I think it will do the trick until a better repair can be made

Now back to my tea & if it does storm I don't uppose I shall get much sleep !

10th Jan - 4 new mug designs

I was asked if I would make available as mug designs the four recenly rescued Goats from Becton in East London. The four were rescued by supporters of Vegan Essex in November last year. They are all putting on weight, (the Goats, not the supporters !) although this week Vladamir, the very tiny one, has gone lame on one of his front feet. I have looked at him and do not think it is damage to the leg - i.e. a butt or kick from one of the others - but rather that his hoof needs attention.  I will ask my farrier to have a look as he helps me with the trimming of all the animals hooves who need it.

I will report back here with Vladamir's progress. Click here to see the pictures of Vladamir, Svetlana, Natalia & Rudolf I have made for the mugs.

All the bad weather we have had this week has taken it's toil on the main stable block & I was greeted this morning with some pieces of featherboard that had fallen off, having rotted away ! The roofing at this particular point has rather something to be desired and the rain over the years has leaked in slowly and worked its magic (rot!) with some of the timbers - another job awaits ! In the meantime some plastic sheeting will have to suffice until the spring. It's only a small area, but I have a feeling that once we start to remove one rotten piece of wood............

Bess the Pig was in a funny mood today, she wouldn't settle - even for bananas & mangos courtesy of Andi & Rob who again got a car load of fruit from Spitalfields today. She gets like this every few months or so. I think she is in season & will be back to normal in a few days.

3rd January - Spitalfields Haul

Thank you to Rob & Andi for getting a car full of lovely fruit for the Pigs this morning. Click here to see the "haul" and also the animals tucking in !

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