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14th May - New Chicken Accomodation a Success

The Chickens & Cockerels have now moved into their new quarters & they are having a great time. They have been there for 4 days now & you can see some pictures of them here
They are very much enjoying the open space although the weather in the past few days has been very wet. At night they have a choice of 2 sheds to roost in.

The sheds are raised off the ground to prevent vermin from burrowing underneath & eating through the floor. I have also fox proofed the sheds with 3 layers of metal sheet on the floor covered by bedding & the walls of the sheds are lined with three quarter inch plywood which is very very strong. The sheds also have nest boxes & branches for perches.

13th May - Mr Poorly Leg Turkey passes on

Mr Poorly Leg Turkey has been with me for some 3 years. When he was rescued from slaughter at Christmas 1999, he had such a character about him & his features were very pronounced, so much so that he really looked like a Klingon (Honest ! If you know Wharf from Star Trek, you'll know what I mean if you saw him). His first name had to be "Ambassador Turk" & he was a really nice bird. Never greedy,like some of them, but always there wandering about the garden & yard. About a year ago he developed an issue with one of his legs & although he could still get about, he was a little unsteady. He then became known as Mr Poorly Leg Turkey. I knew he wasn't feeling well yesterday & I made sure he was comfortable on a fresh bed of hay with his water & food within easy reach. He must have gone to sleep in the night. I will miss him & am very upset to loose him. I have to console myself with the fact that he had 3 happy years here which is more than most poor Turkeys get.

10th May - Three more rescued Turkeys arrive

I agreed to take three more birds, all with disabilities. Two are blind in one eye & one has a terribly deformed leg. It looks like it has been broken & allowed to set without proper attention. He can stand & get about, but I cannot let him mix with the others as they will ride roughshod over him when it comes to food. I haven't had a chance to get pictures of them yet, but will do so soon. If you would like to sponsor one of these disabled Turkeys please mail me on the above link.

8th May - The Horses & Cows go out into the fields for the Summer.

The weather has been fine over the past few weeks & the fields are ready for the animals to vaccate their stables & hard standing areas & taste the sweet grass !!

Click here to see pictures of them out enjoying the grass.

7th May - Bart & Homer Lamb

The two baby boy lambs have now been named as Bart & Homer ! - (see below)

6th May - £200 raised

A very big thank you to Amy & her Mum who raised this sum for the Sanctuary on a stall in a Chelmsford shopping precinct on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who contributed, it is very, very much appreciated.

5th May - Three Legged Chloe at the Vets.

Chloe the Cat has been living at the sanctuary for a while now and is one of the "house cats" as opposed to the outside cats (ferals & wannabe ferals !). Chloe does sometime venture outside (when it is sunny) although is never out in the garden for long. On Saturday last, she wanted to go out & I let her, however she didn't return after the usual time (5 to 10 minutes)

I went to look for her, but couldn't find her and had to get on with seeing to the other animals. A few hours later I found her on the doorstep, but she was unable to stand. All she could do was crawl. Clearly there was something very wrong with one of her front legs & I bagan to suspect that she had fractured or even broken it. There were no "physical signs" at all. At the vets she was X-rayed, but this didn't reveal a brake or even a fracture. The vet believes that it is just a very bad sprain & has given Chloe a pain killing injection & anti-inflamatory drops. Chloe's treatments came to over £130 (I was stunned), and this together with Ollie's treatment below has been difficult for me to meet. If you would like to help Chloe get back on her feet (all 3 of them !) I would very much appreciate any offer of financial assistance. Please mail me on the link above - thank you very much.

28th April - Sad News, Ollie Bunny passes away

Ollie was the three legged rabbit who came to live at the sanctuary in November last year.
about a month ago I noticed that he was limping & took hime to the vet. Somehow he had developed an abscess in one of his front paws and unfortunately the X ray revealed that it was in the toe bone. The only chance was to remove the toe to try & stem the infection. Ollie was very brave & had an operation to do this. All seemed to be ging well, but sadly the infection spread further up his leg. Infections in the bone are very difficult to cure, but we tried different anti-biotics to see if they would have an effect. Throughout all this, Ollie did not "give up" as he was still eating all his food up especially his hob nobs & pears which he loved. I thought he seemed to be getting better, but sadly one lunchtime I found him gone to sleep in his run on the garden. He was a lovely rabbit & very brave.

Ollie's treatments have set me back over £200 which is a considerable sum. I would very very grateful to anyone who is ale to help me meet this vets bill. Please e-mail me using the link above. Thank you

26th April - 2 Baby Lambs named !

The two little girl lambs from below (3rd April) now have names, see the lambs page for the details. The two little boys are still hoping for name sponsors !! If you would like to give one a name please have a look at them on the lambs page & send me a message on the e mail link - Thank you.

23rd April - New Chicken Accomodation

The new enclosure for the chickens took shape over the Easter weekend. Their new houses are complete bar a few internal features like perches & nest boxes & I am hopeful that the smell of creosote will have vanished in a few weeks. As soon as it has, the Chickens will be able to move in. I will take a picture of them in their new home as soon as they move in & post it onto the poultry page. Special thanks to the two very kind people who donated funds and fencing for this appeal.

17th April - Escape

Returning from a 2 hour training run, & with the thought of a soothing cup of tea in my mind before the afternoon stables "session" I was slightly alarmed to see the silhouette of a cow through the hedge - in the front garden ! Additionally there also appeared to be several more large animals running around the garden too.
The horses, (Dream is the main suspect) had managed to have a disagrement over a gate with Ashibka, being on either side, which had culminated in the kicking down of the fence post - & the gate. This had allowed the animals previously in the "school" to escape through into Ashibka's pen and then onwards through the next fence into the garden !

It took about an hour to convince/herd the cows & horses to return to the school and another hour to run electric fence along both sides of the now bent gate to prevent it happening again. So much for my cup of tea !!

Dolly, had been a good girl and had not left the School, neither had Bluebell Cow. 2 good animals & 9 naughty ones !

16th April - Lambs protest as feed is cut back

Today following tortuous negotiations with Big Lamby, (no one has suggested any names for the 4 baby lambs yet!) we eventually agreed to cut the 4 milk feeds down to 3 milk feeds a day. Afterall it does say on the bags of Ewe milk replacer, feed for 1 week & we are now 2 weeks down the line. "But we like it" insisted the Lambies.

A settlement was only forthcoming when I agreed that each of the 3 feeds would be bigger than the previous feeds, so that the overall volume would be the same. Methinks I've been had ! I've also agreed to continue the milk for the rest of April & most of May. They drive a hard bargain these lambs you know - but just look at their faces !!

6th April - The animals enjoy the Spring weather
Check this picture out !

3rd April - 4 Lambs Arrive

I was asked if I would take in 4 baby lambs whose mothers had died and were in need of hand rearing. I have set up a special page with their pictures & the details here

29th March - Sampsonella goes to sleep

Sampsonella was one of the little Chinchillas I look after. When she arrived here about 7 years ago I was told she was a boy called Sampson. However she was a girl ! She has always been a very fit & active Chinchilla and I have no idea why she passed away during the night. She was living in a run designed for a cat & had loads of room. I know she had 7 happy years here, but I am still so sad to have lost her.

25th March - Open Day in the Summer for members.

If you are a member you should by now have recieved an email invite to the open day. If you have not received one, please contact me by e mail above asap. Thank you

23rd March - Colic Nightmare for Max

Colic is the condition describing any kind of stomach ache in horses, although other animals can suffer too like Cows. Colic can range from mild to severe where can results in the death of the animal concerned. Having lost Muffin to a severe Colic in February '02 I am fully aware of what it can lead to.

I fed Max at tea time along with the other animals as normal and he was behaving normally, however when I checked on him about an hour later he didn't want his carrots. I knew this was not right as Max is the greediest of all the horses & would never refuse food. About an hour later he went down & laid flat on the floor. This usually means only one thing with horses - Colic.

A mild colic is just a stomach ache, but a bad colic usually means some sort of blockage in the animals gut. Horses have an incredibly long gut which has places where the diameter goes from quite wide to quite thin for no apparent reason. This is often where blockages can occur and unless this blockage shifts, it means that no food passes through to the bowel & food in front of the blockage is trapped. Bacteria quickly break the food down which creates
gas which expands the gut & when the animal rolls about to try & relieve the pain sometimes the gut can become twisted. This is usually fatal.

Like most horses, Max has had mild colics before, but they had only lasted an hour or so before "being sorted". This time Max was not "sorting it". The vet arrived within 30 minutes of calling her & she announced that Max was not making any bowel sounds at all, listening through a stethoscope. This was a bad sign & an internal examination had to be carried out. (Max wasn't keen, but it was for his own good). The vet confirmed that there was a definate blockage & decided that the best thing would be to try liquid paraffin to soften it & hopefully allow it to pass through. Max had about 7 injections & then a tube was passed up his nose & down into his stomach. Then several pints of warm water mixed with liquid parafin were pumped into his stomach.

Up until this point he had been on the floor most of the time & would only stand for about 2 minutes before going down again. After the paraffin however he seemed a bit more relaxed, although this was probably the pain killing injections he had had in his neck. I got him into a box & then we waited.

The vet came back about 6 hours later & Max had only passed a very small amount of manure - although this fact was tremendous news as far as the vet was concerned & now some bowel sounds were starting to be heard ! - I still had a nervous wait ahead as we needed him to go to the toilet "big time" before we knew the blockage had passed. About 11 pm than night he went to the loo ! - I cannot begin to tell you the relief for Me as well as Max I'm sure.

He is now back to normal & bossing everyone round as usual. We have been very lucky, Max could have very easily died.

13th March - 14 new arrivals

I was asked if I would give a home to a few more rescued baby Turkeys. It turned out that there were 7 of them & also 7 hens !!  This takes the rescued turkey tally to 25 now. The new birds are very thin and I have not had a chance to photograph them yet. They are living in a seperate pen from the bigger birds, although one (Horatio) has learned how to keep hopping out. He is very keen to explore the yard ! - They just don't know what a lucky escape they have had, having recently watched a program about battery birds (McLibel) words fail me to describe the horiffic conditions & torture the poor birds have escaped from.

This takes the total rescues figure to over 180 now !

8th March - Scruffy arrives

Today a tiny girl Guinea Pig called "Scruffy" arrived with her bags. She is going to live with a little bunny called Wrinkle. I will get a picture of them soon & post it on the small fury page

5th March - Alfie & Sophie Duck

2 more ducks arrived today. Alfie & Sophie are a pair of Aylesbury ducks whose owners were unable to keep them any longer. They are very sweet and have settled in perfectly with the other two Aylesbury's and the two indian ducks. I have posted a picture of them on the poultry page

22nd Feb - A way to help the animals without spending even 1p !

This sounds too good to be true, but I can assure you that it doesn't involve Spam, Chain Letters or anything like that ! It is all about re-cycling old printer cartridges !
There is a company called "Office Green" who re-cycle lots of things including printer cartridges. For each cartridge they re-cycle they donate a small amount of money to the charity of your choice. Each printer cartridge is worth between £1 & £3.5 depending on the type etc.

This is particularly appropriate if you work in an office where there are a lot of printers as so many companies at the moment just throw tho old toner cartridges away

Office Green will supply free of charge, boxes to put the old toner cartridges in & when the box is full they will collect them free of charge. Or for home printers they will send you a freepost envelope to return old cartridges in.

All you have to ask them to do is to send the donation to the Sanctuaries bank account.

I thought this was too good to be true, but my partner recently asked the company he works for to sign up - which they did - & the sanctuary recently received a cheque for £68 !

Office Green have a web site with everything you need to know to join the scheme at this link

Mail me if you need any help or click here for more details - Thanks ever so much

18th February - Saracen comes to stay

Saracen is a Bengal cat aged 9 who sadly had an accident about 6 months ago. He had to have most of his tail removed & although he has made a strong recovery he is now inconitent of urine. There is a picture of him at the bottom of the cats page. He is a very affectionate cat & is looking forward to going outside. He is currently living in a room with lino on the floor (!) and when he has been here about 6 weeks I will let a cat flap into the outside door of his room, so he can venture out.

14th February - Poorly Turkey

The six Turkeys I rescued this Christmas have all been successfully integrated with the main Turkey herd, but one of them still has a poorly eye. I have seperated her from the others and she is having it regularly bathed. Click here to read about the Christmas '03 rescues.

10th February - Chicken House Appeal

Unfortunately the rescued Cockerels are causing a noise problem with our immediate neighbours and we have to move them from where they are to the other side of the house where their noises will be less penetrating. The accomodation they currently live in is a fixed shed which cannot be moved and therefore we are faced with having to buy a chicken house big enough for some 30 birds, and fencing to provide an area big enough for them to play outside during the day. This will set the sanctuary back at least £500, and this on top of the monthly feed cost is a considerable burden. If you are in a position to spare a few pounds towards this expense, I would be ever so grateful. Click here to see the ways you can donate to the Sanctuary and you can send me a message by clicking on the button at the top of the page. 

5th February - Membership up to 27 now

There are 27 people now supporting the sanctuary on a monthly basis helping towards the £2000 monthly feeding costs. I am eternally grateful to you all, thank you very much for your help. If you would like to help me to feed to the animals please click here to see the different ways - Thank you

3rd February - Chloe has her operation

I have 2 cats called Chloe ! This concern the Chloe who arrived on 28th October (see below) rather than 3 legged Chloe !

Chloe was one of 4 cats (& other animals) I agreed to give a home as their owner was not able to look after them any more. Chloe had been easily caught, but the other three were a tad wild and were not so easy to catch. As they all needed speying/neutering I had been waiting for them all to arrive to take them to the vets "en mass", however I have still not taken delivery of the other three & decided that it would be better to get Chloe seen to, so that she can finally be introduced to the other cats. She had her operation successfully today and will spend a few weeks recovering before I let her have the run of the place. She is very cute & you can see her picture on the cats page, down the bottom

1st February - Charity arrives

Charity is a 26 year old mare who arrived here at the sanctuary on Saturday. Charity is very sweet and has settled in with the other horses where she will live out her retirement. I have not had a chance to take her picture yet, but will do so soon & publish it on the horses page.

20th January - Cosmo the Cockerel

I had a new arrival at the sanctuary this weekend. Cosmo the silky Cockerel. Cosmo was purchased as a companion "hen" as a friend for another hen. He kept his "gender" a secret for weeks, but finally the strain was too much & he let slip with a "cock a doodle doo" !!
It was not feasible for him to stay where he was & I was asked if I would take him in.
He is living with the main chicken gang at the moment but in a seperate cage until he is used to the new surroundings. There is a picture of him on the poultry page

8th January - Little Tigger passes on

Tigger was one of the feral Cats who I took in about 4 years ago. Tigger was a tiny cat & spent most of his time curled up with the 3 white deaf cats, Marie, White Cat & Snuffles with whom he was rescued. Over the past few years he had become quite tame but last year I though I was going to loose him to cat flu. However he was a fighter and made an incredible recovery and has been fighting fit ever since. Sadly I found him passed away yesterday morning. I do not why he passed away, and I did not know how old he was. He was a happy little fellow & I will miss his tiny face.

5th January - Tragic news for my Russian sanctuary

If you have looked at my Russian page you will know about the efforts to establish the first ever farm animal sanctuary in Russia. "People for Animals" in Moscow & I managed after a laborious negotiation to purchase the last 3 living cows thathad been bred for the Moscow Bullfight - which never went ahead. There were 16 cows originally, but after the fight was cancelled, the owner starved the animals & refused to sell them to the sanctuary as a matter of principle. Eventually he sold the last 3 cows that were alive for a sum which was way way over the odds. Tragically when the cows arrived at their new home, it transpired that one of the cows had been difficult to load onto the lorry & so the men had broken her neck & winched her on anyway. She was still alive when the doors were opened after what must have been an appalling 200 km journey for her. She was put to sleep by a vet (injection) ($100) & is now at peace. The two remaining cows, were a mother & baby. We called the baby "Hope". At first everything was going well and mother & baby looked to at last have a happy future ahead of them.  Tragically I was contacted on New Years Eve to be told that persons unknown had entered the premises where the cow were living in the night & fatally poisoned Mother & baby.

I cannot understand why people would do something as awful as this. This is a terrible set back, and I am naturally devastated. But we shall not give up.
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