25th December - Happy Christmas

Another freezing day with temperatures below zero all day - thankfully the water system hasn't frozen up again, as whilst it is cold it hasn't been the minus 10 that causes real issues - although the supply is frozen at the new field - so that's not ideal.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the animals here over the year and to everyone who has send a donation for Christmas - it is very much appreciated.

Last night was busy as we had 2 lots of cat & dog food to collect from Chelmsford & Maldon/ Thankfully one of our supporters (Sarah) volunteered to collect from Chelmsford leaving us with just the one car load to collect from Maldon. Thanks also to Ian who collected earlier this week from Chelmsford on 2 evenings !

We made a short video of some of the animals today which you can see HERE !

Happy Christmas !

24th December - A Sad Day

I regret to report that Driver, the eleven year old Bullock died unexpectedly last night. He had enjoyed his tea at about 6 pm, & when I arrived home from work at about 8 pm went outside when we heard him bellowing all of a sudden. He had gone down in his shelter and his eyes were rolling. We could tell from experience that he was dying and so I ran back to get my phone to call the vet as we didn't want him to suffer. By the time I got back he had passed on. Driver was a very large Cow indeed as anyone who saw him will contest. He was rescued with his brother Hank when they were calves about 11 years ago.

We telephoned the cremation place & they arrived this morning at 9 am to take him away. It was terribly sad as he had been living with Daisy his best friend and although we had moved Daisy to another part of the yard. She started to bellow in a very distressed way as Driver's body was winched away - she was very close to him & I wish the people who don't think animals have feelings could have witnessed this behavior this morning.

Driver nearly broke the lorry's winch as he weighed well over a ton. His brother Hank passed away earlier this year in similar circumstances - i.e. absolutely fine one minute & collapsed & passed away 20 minutes later - Most likely cause would be a heart attack.

Driver & Hank both had a great life at the Sanctuary & enjoyed 11 Summers out in the fields with all the horses - that's' about 11 more Summers than calves born to dairy herds generally enjoy as most are slaughtered at birth, or worse go to veal crates.

We will miss you Driver XX

22nd December - Christmas Rescue

Boris is a Mastiff who had been left behind at a yard when the occupiers moved out. He was handed in to a local kennels & like most big dogs a home was not forthcoming, so he was going to be put to sleep. One of the Trustees of the kennels asked Fiona if she could squeeze him in...

So Boris wasn't killed and now has a home here at the Sanctuary. He is brindle & not as big as Simon, but is still growing... Pictures to follow soon. He was "entire" & so we have had to arrange to get hime neutered before we can start to integrate him with the rest of the dog gang!

17th December - Hector & Poppy at the Vets

Hector is an middle aged staffie who was due for the needle at the pound & Fiona was asked if she could take him. They told us he was neutered as clearly with 36 dogs in the house we cannot have an entire male dog as it will upset the applecart & there will be fighting. When Hector arrived Fiona could see that he was indeed entire - (I mean its not rocket science is it...) So last night we had to keep Hector separate & this morning I dropped him off at the vets in Blackmore for an assessment & castration operation. I also took Poppy the epileptic Staffie whom we have looked after for a number of years now. Poppy has to have a tablet morning & night to hold her "fits" in abeyance, However the vet wanted to assess the dosage rate before prescribing anymore tablets. Without the tablets Poppy has a fit every few days & with them she fits every 2-3 months.

Hectors operation was successful and so I collected both Hector & Poppy on the way home from work. I left enough room in the car for them, as of course I have to collect a car load of bread every day from Sainsbury to feed the pigs - so they both made themselves comfortable by laying down onto of bags filled with the finest Warburton loaves !

Hector is resting now & here is a snap of him on his new bed !

This evening after all the usual work Fiona had to collect a car load of food collected by Linda Thacker standing outside Tesco in Maldon. There was more than one car load & so kind supporter Joan also too her car over there to collect the balance !

If you would like to be on the food collection rota & clearly live near the Sanctuary do drop us a line. This is something that happens only in the few weeks leading up to Christmas.

11th December - Rugs Off ! & Rug Appeal Update

It made a pleasant change today to be able to manage without kettles to unlock the padlocks and gates.  It has been so cold here recently that today's temperature of 6 degrees felt almost tropical!  The sun came out for a couple of hours around mid-day so Fiona decided to take all the horses rugs off - the first time it has been warm enough to do so in a couple of weeks.  They loved being able to have a good scratch and groom each other but it took nearly an hour for Fiona to get them all back on at the end of the day.

Also Today Fiona went to a local (ish) equestrian centre and purchased 7 new rugs with the £230 raised from the recent "rug appeal" - Here they are in the feed store tonight and we will get some pics of the Horses wearing them tomorrow. Thank you to all who donated towards this appeal. (se 29th Nov entry below)

10th December - Food Donation

As you may know, one of the ways people can help the Sanctuary is by putting a credit on our feed account at Gladwells Feed Merchants. The details are on This Link under the "Buy some food for the animals" heading. Gladwells simply take your card details for whatever you would like to donate & next time we order, any donations are automatically deducted from the bill !

My reason for mentioning this now is to thank whoever it was who left a donation with Gladwells on 2nd December ! The statement of the account arrived today showing the donation and so we rang then to ask who it was so we could write and thank them, but they say they only took the card details & didn't make a note of the name !!! GRRR

So if it was you, THANK YOU from all the gang XXX

9th December - WI News

Received a letter from one of the local WI groups following our recent presentation to them at one of their meetings - they may consider a picture of Percy Bear (or perhaps some of the animals) for their 2012 calendar ! - Percy is very excited as you might expect !

Another cold day, although the water pipes are all thawed now as we had above freezing temperatures today. Today was feed delivery day - an extra hour or so for Fiona to help unload the weekly feed - 100 sacks of carrots & about 70 x 20Kg sacks of feed + 30 bales of hay. Although we have the large bales of Haylage delivered in by tractor at the weekend to go into the troughs, we still need small bales of hay to make up the hay nets for all the stabled horses.

Somehow Fiona managed to fit in a 15 mile road run too ! 

8th December - Christmas Turkey Rescue

I have found someone locally who is selling Turkeys for Christmas :0( - but thankfully they are not doing that well, I have offered to buy any birds unsold, so hopefully we will be able to save at least a few of the poor things. Further updates will follow as soon as there is more news and so if you would like to help with the costs of buying these birds from the seller, please get in touch or simply send a donation by Paypal at the link above with a message referencing Turkeys. - Thank you ! (£100 raised so far @ 9th Dec)

7th December - Food collections

Linda Thacker from FACE (Fight Animal Cruelty Everywhere) is currently out with her sleigh collecting cat & dog food from shoppers at various supermarkets in our area. Linda collects for a number of different rescue organisations & last week was collecting from 2nd to 5th for Tower Hill Stables. - Thankfully supporters Jules & Jodie went to collect the food on the 2nd & 3rd and Fiona did the collection at the weekend. - There will be more dates coming up for collections from Maldon, Witham & Chelmsford, and so if you have a car and are local and would like to help by collecting a car load & bringing it back to the Sanctuary please get in touch - Thanks !

5th December - Pigs in Snow

New short video HERE !

29th November - Rug Appeal - £130 raised so far !

It has been a freezing weekend at the Sanctuary and with the conditions likely to persist we are doing our best to keep all the animals who live outside as warm as possible. I have posted a video link below of the gang on Sunday where you can see Tog & Gwilliam sporting their new rugs. Also you will see Charity the thoroughbred, our eldest Equine resident (41) wearing not one but two rugs ! One is a Fal rug which is a very expensive rug lined with silver mesh which has a number of beneficial properties (antibacterial, insulating). Charity hates being in a stable & so has to be wrapped up warm to go out !

We do get rugs donated, and whilst we are grateful for them, most unfortunately are a little bit difficult to use as they tend to have straps missing, or the buckles/fasteners are broken and with so many to get on & off each day Fiona really needs rugs which are fit for purpose.

Incidentally Fal who make the high quality rugs have been in liquidation for a while & we understand from the local saddlery have now gone bankrupt! - They have a couple of dear rugs now going at half price !

Not all the horses here need rugs on - even in this weather - but the older and more venerable ones do and so we are trying to raise funds for a Rug Appeal in order to get some nice new rugs for the horses and ponies who need them

Have a look at the video HERE !

24th November - Greta Loves Mabel

You may recall that earlier in the year Sanctuary supporter Sally-Ann Ryan ran the Reading Half Marathon in aid of the rescued animals and raised well over £1000! Sally-Ann has just launched a new business venture called Greta Loves Mabel which sells Sally-Ann's art, clothing & other animal friendly products and the idea is that a % of the profits goes into "Greta's Piggy Bank". This fund is then used to buy things for rescued animals. If you check out the Piggy Bank Link in the site you will see pictures of three animals at Tower Hill Stables together with a description of the item Greta is saving for ! - Check the site out HERE and please feel to share the site with your friends !

22nd November - Lulu Arrives

Lulu is a chunky, pudding shaped black Staffie whose time was up in a pound. Fiona was asked if she would squeeze her in ! She is a lovely natured dog and has slotted right into the oldies gang in the house. I will post some pictures of her as soon as possible.

It was another very busy weekend and about the 8th one on the trot that Andy our animal friendly electrician came over to continue the re-wiring of the stables with armoured cable. It has been a massive undertaking and we are so grateful to Andy for doing all the work for us for free. Most of the internal lights & power sockets are live now - just a few more stables to do and then about 15 outside lights & spots will need to be fitted.

Fiona has been unwell these past few weeks which has made the work even harder than usual. She is starting to get better now, but of course when most people get ill - they rest ! - sadly this isn't possible here & so recovery takes a lot longer.

We have had about 8 tons of straw delivered to make a nice dry "bed" area in the main school so that the horses can have a roll - the fields are quag mire thanks to the wet weather we have had recently & they will not be dry again until the spring (or if it freezes). The horses enjoyed rolling in the straw. One of the daily jobs is to wipe down the concrete yards of all the manure - this takes about an hour a day, but is important to keep the concrete clean for the horses to walk about on.

Iona & Liz are doing well - it does appear that Iona may be pregnant as well as Liz - so that was unexpected. If you haven't already checked their page out, please have a look here & if you can help towards their costs we would love to hear from you

5th November - Blind Pony (& friend) rescued Today !

How could Fiona say no to a blind pony and her friend who acts as her eyes? - The friend is in foal too - Both had been saved by a re-homer, but despite their best efforts they were unable to find anywhere to take on the responsibility and their time for finding anywhere was up - full story & pictures HERE

2nd November - Help with Food Collection

Every Christmas for the past few years the charity FACE (Fight Animal Cruelty Everywhere) has a Sledge stationed outside the big supermarkets in Chelmsford, Maldon & Witham in order to collect food donated by some of the shoppers - the idea being that people see the sledge & the ladies collecting for shelters and they buy a few extra items of pet food which are then put into the sledge as they exit the shop.

The food collected - mostly Cat & Dog - is then distributed to local charities and shelters including the Sanctuary here.

So, during December, on around 3 or 4 dates, we need to collect the food from which ever supermarket the Sledge has been at & bring it back to the Sanctuary.

It is the collection we need help with, as it is logistically quite tough for us to do on top of the animal work. As some may know, my car is always absolutely full of bread collected on my way home from work each day (from Sainsbury) which we need to feed the Pigs, so if I am to collect the Cat & Dog food as I have done in the past I have to drive home first, unload all the bread & then set off back out to collect the cat & dog food.  If Fiona does it, it's a killer for her on top of all the animal work here, plus having to see to the horses in the new rented field & then to have to drive out to collect the cat & dog food - on top of her training - it's just too much

So this year in an attempt ease the effort, we are looking to see if anyone would like to help us out by volunteering to collect the food on one or more of the dates in question. - We don't know the dates & times yet, but as soon as we are advised, we will let you know !

Please get in touch if you are able to help !

Thank you

21st Oct - Let there be warmth

At last the boiler has been fixed ! - it was as we had thought the thermocouple and we now have heating and hot water in the tap for the first time since July ! - A big thank you to the supporters who organised this & have paid for this to happen ! - THANK YOU !

19th Oct - William at the Vets !

One of the two Horses Fiona took in on 10th Oct, William, went very lame and was so bad that we had to have the vet out. He had to be taken into the surgery for an X-Ray as it looked bad. Thankfully the scans revealed the problem as a very bad strain. Due to William's build size, he has a lot of weight bearing down on the strained joint & so to relieve this a special shoe has been prepared by the Vets Farrier which holds the foot an an angle to relieve the tension on William's joint. William was transported back to where we have them on Livery yesterday. 

17th Oct - A Busy Day

Today we had to get the vet out to see Charity - our eldest equine resident. At 41 Charity is very old for a thoroughbred and she has had some issues recently with her hind legs. It was another leg problem today as she was holding her left hind foot off the ground. The vet found an abscess and Charity now has a poultice on her foot to draw the infection out - this will need to be changed daily & we are hoping that she is improved by the morning. If things don't improve we will have to send her to the surgery for closer analysis.

Whilst the vet was here the hay and straw delivery turned up on a low loader & clearly had to wait until the vet left as she was treating Charity & her car was in the drive ! - Then the hay & straw was unloaded and the low loader then picked up our two "farm" vehicles - both of which are in need of repair ! - The clutch has failed in the tractor & the dumped truck has a leaking hydraulic tank & so cannot steer or tip ! - It had to be lifted onto the trailer with a telescopic loader.

Whilst this was going on, Andy our electrician was carrying on with his wonderful refurbishment of the wiring down the stables - he has put a lot of work in and we now have lights working in places we have not had lights for years! - this makes working after sunset considerably easier ! - This is about the fifth weekend on the trot Andy has worked here & he is donating all his time for free which is very kind of him - he works to a very high standard too.

Ian from where I work came over in the afternoon to help as Fiona had a 15 mile run to put in - she normally does 20 plus on a Sunday, but with her next marathon on 31st Oct she is winding it down a little !!!!!

It was however a lovely sunny day & all the horses & cows went out into the fields as it has dried up nicely after a very wet September.

11th October - Another Horse...

The gate bell rang today & Fiona was shocked to find a man standing there who had a horse at the end of the drive ! - He was taking it to be shot, but just thought he would ask at the Sanctuary to see if Fiona would take it - Faced with this choice & the Horse looking in through the gate what was poor Fiona supposed to do?

One of the 'turned out' horses here, has agreed to share his stable with "Ben" until we can sort something better out.

Unfortunately this is what happens it seems when Fiona appears in the paper...

If you are not already a member, Please do think about joining as we really need your help - see HERE for what to do - every £1 really helps & 100% of it goes to the feed costs.

On the fundraising side I have sold 850 albums now ! - so if you would like a copy go HERE to have a listen & order - all funds to the sanctuary (I even pay the postage!)

10th October - Two more Horses !

Fiona was asked to take in two elderly horses whose owner was unable to afford to keep them anymore. They are 22 years old and one only has one eye. They were being kept locally & the owner is set to emigrate to Australia shortly !

As we have no room at the Sanctuary for more horses, but didn't want to see the two end up getting shot, we made arrangements with a local yard to take them in on turnout livery - all additional costs we could well do without - but if Fiona had not said Yes, both of the chaps would have gone to slaughter :0( - If you would like to become a member of the sanctuary and help with our feed costs, please get in touch - All your donation goes towards the feed bills, nothing is taken in salary or expenses.

9th October - Sad News

The vet called this morning to say that John's condition had deteriorated in the night despite medication & his facial swelling was worse & also he had developed a swelling on his chest. The X-ray had shown a "mass" in his chest & they were waiting to perform a scan to confirm their suspicion that John had a tumor. We next spoke to them at 4pm today and it was bad news. The prognosis was that there was indeed a tumor which clearly had been growing for a while, but which had just reached the point where John was no longer able to cope - he had not shown any signs before Friday that anything was wrong. Given his age (32), the prognosis and on the strong advice of the vet we decided that the kindest thing would be to let him go.

Fiona is devastated - particularly tough for her as she just can't take several hours out of her day to have been with him at the end - she desperately wanted to be there, but as both of us can't ever go anywhere together & with all the evening jobs to do we decided that as Fiona is able to do all the jobs inside & out of the house far better & quicker than I can - I would drive over to Ongar to be with John at the end. It was very traumatic although we have been in this situation dozens of time previously. A very sad day - we all loved John - he was such a sweetie & had had such a hard previous life.

8th October - John at the Vets

Yesterday evening John the Horse became unwell. His face was swollen when Fiona went to give him his tea. He had been fine in the morning. Today as he was no better we called the vet and they gave him a pain killing injection and asked for him to attend the surgery. Fiona arranged a transporter & John went to the vet at 3 pm. I called in on him on my way home from work & he was in a stable with a drip attached. They are not sure what the problem is, but he has some sort of infection which they think may be spreading from a tooth abscess - hence the swollen face. They were unable to look in his mouth tonight & wanted to get his fluid levels right before giving him an anesthetic. Hopefully in the morning they will be able to administer the anaesthetic & also take an X-ray.

John is a sweet boy, quite old & is a Morgan Horse. He had had a hard life and has been enjoying his retirement here at the Sanctuary

Clearly this will be another big hit for us on top of the recent massive increase in hay prices, so if you can spare anything to help - please do let us know - Thank you

7th October - Boiler Problems

If anyone knows any animal friendly engineers who might be able to fix our boiler (calor gas) we would love to hear from you. The pilot won't stay on ! - we think it is just the thermocouple. We have been without hot water since July which hasn't been a massive issue, but now the Winter is approaching we could do with the heating on as heating with electric bars for the older dogs is an expensive way to carry on ! - (the immersion has also packed up) - Unfortunately all our money is needed to pay for the feed costs & vets bills & so we have to try & scrape by on household maintenance as best we can :0(

27th September - Fiona on the front page of the Chronicle !


23rd September - Fiona's Race Report


19th September - Fiona wins the Great North Run !

Fiona was the first lady to finish in the main race in a time of 1 hour 20 minutes odd ! An absolutely fantastic effort. The elite women's race was won by Berhane Adere won the elite womens race which set off earlier than the main race.

Fiona set off with 54,000 runners & was the first lady across the finish line - absolutely blinding performance as she was running with a thigh injury and had had to hang about in the cold & rain for 2 hours at the start of the race as she had to get there early to be interviewed by Radio 5 live.

Frustratingly she wasn't shown on the BBC - despite being the first lady in the main race. She told me this afternoon that she she approached the finish line the crowds were going wild shouting "come on Vegan" etc - but an official stepped out & diverted Fiona off to the right over some grass to finish at an alternate overflow gate where there were no cameras.

She thought they picked her out to run down to that gate because she was the 1st lady & there would be a ribbon to run through... but no, nothing, not a sausage (Vegan of course)

So why would they do that? - Why not let her finish where the main gate was? - where everyone was looking? - I was watching the TV & saw the cameras tracking Liz McColgan as she finished in 7th place & 1 hr 25 - 5 minutes behind Fiona, but no cameras on Fiona

Do they not want to see a Vegan winning? - Wrong message for the public perhaps??

Makes you wonder doesn't it

You can still sponsor her on the link below - many thanks !!

15th September 2010

£300 raised so far for Fiona's Great North Run on Sunday ! - Please help if you can as we are trying to raise funds to help us through the long Winter when the feed costs rise. The feed bills are around £5300 a month ! - See HERE for details of how to help

30th August - Meet Joe the Horse

Joe needed a home fast and his owner had tried many other rescue organisations, however the message was always the same. The large ones said it would be best to put Joe down & many others didn't want him as they were either full or were not interested in a Horse that couldn't be ridden.

Joe is lame from years of abuse as a youngster and his current owner saved him from a continued life of misery about 5 years ago. Sadly her circumstances have changed now & Joe had to find a home somewhere else.  After 4 months of searching & continual rejection things were not looking good. Then Fiona was asked & despite being full she did not want to say no to such a young horse.

See HERE for more

29th August - Save for your future with Tower Hill Stables

We now have financial savings products for you to invest in ! - See HERE

24th August - Great North Run

Fiona is the Captain of Team Vegan who are set to participate in the Great North run this year - please see this special page we have set up HERE  - £115 raised so far (25/8)

22nd August - Hoover Update !

Thanks to all who helped with the Hoover Appeal ! - we now have a lovely new Animal type Dyson & also a spare back up Dyson too - so all being well we are back in business ! - If by chance you still have any Hoovers to donate, please do get in touch as spares are always very useful to have by us !

21st August - Charlie

Fiona took a call from a dog rescuer about an American Bull Dog who had run out of time and was going to be put to sleep later that day - the lady was very upset & had run out of options... Charlie needs to be castrated & we will sort that out as soon as possible & then integrate him with the main house gang of dogs - he is very quiet & sweet (....& big) Pics to follow

7th August - Suctionally Challenged !

Some who have visited the Sanctuary may have inadvertently stumbled across the "Hoover Graveyard" - tucked inconspicuously round the back of various sheds, feed stores & trees you will find the remains of up to sixteen Hoovers - all of whom have died in active service at the Sanctuary ! With up to 38 dogs in the house we need to Hoover twice a day to maintain standards & so this means not only are we using a Hoover many many more times than one would expect to use one, but it is having to cope with considerably more than it was designed for - at each use !!

Over the years we have found that the upright Dyson is the best & a tour of the Hoover Graveyard verifies this as you will see the remnants of once proud Dyson models in every conceivable colour !

Their claim that they never loose suction is of course nonsense, but I can't think they ever took having 38 dogs into account in their trialing ! - However the Dyson is a great Hoover and importantly it is easy to take apart and re-assemble. Over the years Fiona has learned all the points where a blockage is likely to be on a Dyson and has become so adept at taking the Dyson apart, locating & removing the block & re-assembling that she can do it blindfold !

Our current Dyson is a Frankenstein version made up of no less that 4 old Dysons - the working elements of each lovingly pieced together to make a single working unit ! - however even this now is failing and has but a few days of "oomph" left.

So - if anyone has a Dyson they are thinking of upgrading or throwing out (that still works!) Can we have it please !!! There used to be a refurbished Hoover shop near us where we could get a refurbished Dyson for £30, but sadly they are no longer there :0(


This is a desperate appeal for funds on behalf of the lady, Elena Lanshakova, who Fiona helps in Russia.  In case you didn´t know, Fiona has been helping Elena care for her animals for the past 10 years when Fiona found out about the work she does taking in sick animals off the streets and giving them shelter and medication in her tiny flat outside Moscow. Fiona has become Elena's - and her beloved animals - only lifeline. Elena is over 70 years old, frail and in poor health. 

In Western Russia where Elena lives - Moscow - temperatures have been at a record high for the past 21 days, frequently exceeding 100 degrees and there is no foreseable sign of a let up in conditions with, if the forecast is correct, things liable to get even hotter in the next few days.  The air quality is extremely poor and wild fires are raging everywhere and utility services are severely affected. 

We are desperately appealing for funds to purchase Elena a new fridge - the one we bought for her a few years ago has broken - and some fans for her tiny flat where she lives with over 50 of her rescued stray cats and dogs.  We also need to purchase for her some dry dog food as she currently cooks the dogs food but it means having it on her oven for hours and this is making conditions unbearablý hot in her flat. 

We are struggling for funds at the Sanctuary and rely on money Fiona´s retired Mum earns working in a shop for money to send to Elena but she simply cannot earn enough to cater in these extenuating circumstances.  If you can spare even a few pence it would help and we can pass it on to Elena by Western Union transfer.  Any money you give could be with Elena in litterally a few minutes and would make her extraordinately difficult life a tiny bit easier.  Please take time to think what it is like to be in her position in these devastatingly hot conditions with no air conditioning and all those mouths to feed on a tiny budget.  Many thanks for reading.

14th July - Summer Projects Away...

We have just kicked off the large "Summer Projects" necessary to prepare ourselves for the Winter ! - The first one was to have the two main winter turnout areas dug out replaced with fresh woodchips ! - This took 2 days with 2 Nine tonne dumper trucks working 10 hour days and a telescopic digger, doing the digging ! - The dug out 'stuff' was carted across the road where it has been sculpted into a one twentieth scale model of the Hindu Kush!

Please note that a telescopic digger cannot be used to see stars - unless of course it happens to fall on your head. It merely means that the digging arm moves in & out by hydraulics & can reach 9 meters !

100 cubic metres of fresh woodships have now gone in & it all looks fabulous ! - will post some pics soon. This has cost £2500 ! but is work that has to be done - when you see how much work has been done & taking the 10 x 10 tonne lorry loads of chips (wood) into account, this is pretty good value. - Incidentally someone once suggested we could do it my wheel barrow - this would be fine if we had 5000 Egyptian slaves & about 20 years, but last time I looked they were all off sick.

Part of the Winter refurbishments is to get two more of the troughs like the one we got a few months ago - these are now ordered at a cost of £1700.

We have also ordered 5 new gates to secure areas properly & together with the fittings & hanging posts we need this is another £700.

Thankfully I have today been contacted by a representative of the Congo National Bank who has a client who has died & left $400m in his account. He wants to transfer the cash to us & we can keep 20% so it looks like our troubles are over... eheh

Meanwhile back in the real world.. 

I will get pictures posted of the work as it happens - as soon as I can

The new fencing at the new field we are renting (see below) needs treating - not with chocolates, but with creosote. We had to pay half the cost of making it safe for the animals and so it is in our interest to get it treated so it lasts as long as possible - if anyone is interested in a days creosoting - let me know !!!

Yak CD sales have been good - some 75 copies of the album sold in the past 6 weeks - all proceeds will be going towards this project. Order your copy HERE

11th July - Emergency on Planet Lamb

A lamb was brought in today with flystrike. He had been living on a farm locally and was rescued and brought here to see if we could save his life - see the video HERE

10th July - New Field

We have decided to rent extra grazing at the Sanctuary as it will be a benefit to the animals although will add more costs to an already costly operation ! - However it is a lovely field - about three acres and has three stables. It is just up the road in Tillingham down a quiet lane and within walking distance from where Fiona's Mum lives.

The field had to be fenced to make it safe and that work was completed a few days ago. So, on Saturday our local transporter (Trish) arrived and we loaded two Ponies (Poppy & Twinkle) together with William the Horse.

When the three were unloaded, they were very excited and bombed about in the new field before settling down to graze. Then, we went back to load the Sheep who live in the field where the Pigs live. It was a "challenge" to get them all onto the lorry, as we had no hurdles to "corale" them - just relying on their desire to get the feed put on the floor of the lorry! - All went well, but Homer - the largest & pack leader - refused to go. Fiona & I had to more or less carry him & he is a BIG sheep - over 200 pounds & in the heat in was a tad difficult !!!

When we arrived at the field, they all ran out to explore their new "arrangements" !

You can see videos of them HERE

The rent of the field is costing the Sanctuary £200 a month & we are launching a campaign to see if we can find new regular supporters whose monthly donations would go towards this additional cost. As regular readers will know, finding the feed costs of £5300 every month is a considerable challenge and some might say that to take the extra burden of the field on is not appropriate - however it is the right thing to do for the animals and they must come first. We just hope that some people reading this will agree and want to help.

Please get in touch if you can help - even a £1 a month will help

Thank you

5th July - Sheep Shearing !

Check out the latest video here

4th July - 10K Champion of High Ongar !

Instead of doing a Sunday training run this week and despite having run a marathon 2 weeks ago, Fiona entered a local 10K. Not Fiona's distance, but she won the race & was about 7 mins up on the next lady home. Hopefully some good publicity will ensue in the local papers

Fiona and her mum were talking to the Mayoress of Epping who started the race & presented the prizes about Veganism & she was impressed, saying she had not thought it possible to be a strong & fit as Fiona on a Vegan diet. She thought you needed to eat meat for protein ! It is such a misconception... perhaps one day the message will sink in... Fiona continues to put her money where her mouth is & not only care for 400 animals, but gets out there & shows people what she can do as a Vegan - perform at top level in marathon running & other athletic events !

3rd July - Tatiana Titch arrives

Titch was on death row & her time had come. Another one of literally hundreds of staffie's & staffie X's who are destroyed every day - unwanted. (If you know anyone who breeds Staffies - please feel free to deck them from me). So Titch was saved at the 11th hour & is now nestled in at the Sanctuary. She is an older lady & very passive & likes to snuggle on a sofa! - Pics will follow soon.
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