20th December - Sanctuary Merchandise

Click here to see supporter Divina and her mum wearing Sanctuary tee shirts !

14th December - Christmas Membership Campaign Results

See here for details

13th December - Christmas Spirit arrives early in Asheldham

Every day I have to wheel a large barrow of food and hay across the road to the field where Percy lives with his gang. It's only about 50 yards, but I have cross the road & work my way along the edge of the road until I reach a point opposite the field gate, check for traffic & then cross over. Normally this task is achieved without problems, although sometimes car drivers will make a big deal about all the inconvenience of having to maneuver around me which clearly ruins their day - if not life.

Today, on my return journey I wheeled my empty barrow up the road & crossed the road, pulling the barrow up onto the swathe of grass behind me. I heard a car coming down the road from Tillingham but I was out of the road for at least 10 seconds before the car reached me. The failed biological experiment behind the wheel of the enormous 4 wheel drive took it on herself to slow down & stop in the road next to me. Winding down her window she shouted "You - You shouldn't have that that thing on the road"

I looked back at her stunned & said "I beg your pardon?"

"You shouldn't have that thing on the road" she belched again

I replied "So just let me understand this, you are alone in a large four wheel drive with a "No to Windfarms, No environmental Damage" sticker on the window, and you are telling a pedestrian to get off the road?"

She replied even louder "You shouldn't have that thing on the road".

Incredible isn't it. I walked back down the drive with my barrow leaving her bellowing in her car as it pumped co2 into the local environment.

I can only assume that she is either a mentalist or that's the only phrase she knows which must be awkward at parties.

"Hello, & what do you do for a living?"
"You shouldn't have that thing on the road"...

12th December - Free Delivery on Sanctuary Clothes

The Sanctuary clothes shop (see button on the right called "Designer Wear" has a special offer on at the moment - if you order any items by Standard Delivery, & use this promotional code (XMAS07XXL) you will get the delivery for free! - from NOW till midnight on 14th Dec.

The items of clothing are not the cheapest you will find, but included in the price is a donation to the sanctuary - more details at the link above

10th December - Paris in the Winter

..as opposed to Spring ! - Paris is an elderly Great Dane (about 8) who was ejected from her home for being unsuitable to have around a grandchild. Paris is extremely nervous - particularly around men - I can only imagine why this is. She spend the first few days running away when approached, but now is following me round like the others ! I will like Dino below, post a picture of her as soon as I get a chance. The owners had approached Great Dane Rescue, but they were unable to help until the new year which was too late for the owners.

8th December - Dino

Dino is a Collie cross Alsatian aged about 11 who was unable to remain in the home he has known for some 9 years as there were concerns about his behavior with a new baby. Dino has settled in with the others and has been very well behaved. I will post his picture as soon as I get a chance

2nd December - Dog Walk !

The weather was not quite a pleasant as it was on the inaugural Charity Dog Walk, but unperturbed, ten brave souls together with 11 excited Dogs journeyed forth to walk to St Lawrence Church and back - some 5 or 6 miles or so.

The wind was gale like on the way there, but calmed somewhat on the way back. Poppy the Dog enjoyed her first walk out (ever) & it was amazing to see her given her operation just 2 weeks ago, from which she has made a phenomenal recovery. (see 16th Nov entry below)

Poppy was joined by Simon, Cassie, Bruce, Maddie, Amber, Mutley together with 5 visiting Dogs !

We took a short stop on the leeward side of St Lawrence Church where the assorted dogs made short work of two packets of biscuits originally meant for their walkers !! - but no-one minded

A nice lunch of baked potatoes, curry & beans were served on our return.

We will plan to hold another walk in January - if you want to be added to the sanctuary mailing list, please send me a mail.

The Dog Walk raised £190 which was excellent. Thank you to all who supported the event !

27th - November - Dog Walk Looms

Please don't forget to let me know if you are able to make the Dog Walk on Sunday !
See here for the last one.

26th November - Comments received post Open Day

Following her visit to the Sanctuary and following receipt of an email sent around by South West Animal Protection, I have just received some comments from Amanda George which I share with you below:

Dear Friends

You may have seen an email earlier flagging up an animal sanctuary in desperate need. I wanted to take a moment to elaborate on this. I had the pleasure of going to one of two annual Open Days at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary in Essex last Saturday. If you are not already familiar with the amazing Fiona Oakes and her gorgeous gang of rescued animals, then please read on.

I met more than 300 lucky creatures (dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, horses, ponies, cows, pigs, sheep, goats…), rescued from all manner of horrors and neglect, who have been offered a lifetime safe haven at Tower Hill Stables. Many are old and infirm. The dedication of Fiona and her partner, who also both work to try to make ends meet, is humbling. In addition to her job and the day-to-day running of the sanctuary, Fiona runs marathons, training every week when she can, to demonstrate ‘vegan power’.

The animals at Tower Hill Stables are remarkably happy and relaxed (I had a beautiful tabby called Thelma wrapped round my neck for about an hour as I was shown round the sanctuary!), and moreover safe from the often uncaring outside world, but their futures need securing and to do this, I know that Fiona needs financial assistance. Every penny she receives from supporters goes to feed and care for the animals.

In order to put the sanctuary on a firm financial footing and to provide the lifetime of care that these animals deserve, Fiona needs to double her membership base, which currently stands at around 140 members. If, say 150 people were to join the Sanctuary, it would go a long way towards ensuring that monthly costs of approx £4,000 could be safely met.

If you can manage say £2 per month, please download the membership form from Fiona’s website and fill it out today:


Doubling the membership base is entirely achievable, and will make a world of difference to Fiona and the animals in her care. If you are already a member, then please persuade a loved one, friend, or colleague, to set up a standing order and together we can ensure that Fiona can continue her tireless and invaluable work for the animals.

Members are automatically invited to the two annual Open Days, and, if you haven’t visited already, you won’t regret it. The animals are all real characters and a delight, and Fiona’s enthusiasm for them, and for life in general, is infectious and inspiring! It is one day out that I won’t forget in a hurry!

Amanda George

St Neots

25th November - Open Day

The Christmas Open Day went without a hitch today & just over £230 was raised for the animals. The food was again provided thanks to Andi & Rob from the Happy Hamsters Vegan Catering Company & as usual it went down a treat. The yard Dogs moved into an empty stable for the day, but Bruce refused to go, spending the day with the visitors who enjoyed his company very much. He has come a long way since coming to the Sanctuary.

The weather held up for us and everyone enjoyed meeting the gang ! Thelma the Cat in particular got some attention & spent about an hour around a guests neck !

20th November - Lena, Meg & Patch arrive

I have taken in three more oldies (Dogs). They are all getting on well with the Oldies gang indoors - details will follow as soon as I have a chance to get their pictures taken. All three were in a dog pound and due to be put to sleep.

17th November- New Arrivals & Poppy update

Today two small gentleman arrived at the gate with their luggage & a supply of food! Click here for more details and pictures (scroll to the bottom of the page that opens)

Poppy's page has been updated with a few pictures and details of how she is getting on. There is no improvement in the prolapse so far, but the vet did say that they were hopeful it would reduce over the next three weeks. Poppy's page is here

16th - Poppy Dog very ill

Update by Martin: Poppy has not long been with us (see her story & pics here) This morning when the Dogs were let out, we saw that Poppy had got a prolapse (without getting into graphic detail this is where what normally resides on the inside is inverted & hangs out - very distressing to see in any animal). I took her to the vets on my way to work whilst Fiona phoned them to explain I was on my way. I waited for them to call me at work with the news. It came about mid morning & wasn't good. The situation was explained that Poppy had a "polyp" at the entrance to her reproductive organs  which had become very large & caused the prolapse. The vet said they would have to examine her under anaesthetic to see whether the Polyp could be successfully removed - or not. If it was too close to the urethra then there was nothing that could be done.

Half an hour later they phone to say that it was bad news and that there was nothing that could be done as the polyp was too close to the urethra to be removed successfully. I felt particularly sick as Poppy was such a young Dog & had only recently been saved from the needle at a pound, but also because I had been telling her all the way to the vets that she would be alright. I asked if there was really nothing that could be done but they said no and would I want them to arrange for the cremation or would I want to pick the body up?

Frustrated, I then asked for a second opinion, however there were no other vets available, but the 1st vet did say that she thought another vet was coming in in about 10 minutes, so she agreed to keep Poppy sedated for the time being.

About half an hour later the 2nd vet called to say he had examined Poppy & I assumed he was going to draw the same conclusion - but he didn't. He suggested that the cause of the massive swelling of the polyp may be hormonal & suggested we try spaying Poppy & then try & manage the Prolapse for a few weeks to see if it reduces in size.

This at least was a glimmer of hope for the little girl, so I said go ahead.

Poppy was successfully spayed and I picked her up on my way home from work tonight. She is quiet now & resting in a room away from the other dogs - where she will need to stay for the next 4 weeks.

The prolapse is clearly quite a distressing thing to see, and it is vital to keep it lubricated otherwise it could dry up & even die off, which would be fatal - so on top of 2 lots of tablets a day we need to apply lubricant to the area at least twice a day.

Poppy has to wear a big plastic collar to stop her licking the operational wound,and although she is "not keen" she has eaten her tea tonight. It is still a long way to go before we are out of the woods, but at least she has a chance now.

Todays vets costs were £298, which is another big hit for us. If anyone would like to help us towards the costs of Poppy's treatment we would be very grateful (please e mail on the link at the top)

3rd November - Dogs Page

We have added more details to the faces on the Dogs Page - it's now all up to date apart from Teddy who we just haven't got any pictures of yet (well not any decent ones).

It's taken a while to sort this page out, so please do have a look & click on the dogs face to read their story - thank you (Updated - Teddy's page is now there too)

1st November - Fashion Show Update

Further to the article below (see 10th October entry) I am pleased to announce that the tender for the John Adams suit closed on schedule at 6 pm last night. Amid near frantic activity as the final minutes of the tender ticked away the bidding frenzy climaxed just as the server went into overload !

Close inspection of the tender statistics revealed that actually there was in fact just one bid but I am delighted to say that Sanctuary Supporter and trusty 'hay collector' Matt Bland wins the suit ! The Suit was handed over to an ecstatic Matt at a brief ceremony in the office in Brentwood today where he works. Overcome with emotion, Matt was unable to speak but has agreed to wear the suit for a photo shoot next week.

On a serious note - Thanks Matt for the tender, the donation is very gratefully received.

27th October - Pigs out !

It was one of those days today ! - The large White Pigs live in the field across the road. In one paddock lives Percy & his friends Nadia & Dinara, and next to them live Jayne, Matilda & Amelie. Each paddock is quite large & they are fenced in with sheep wire. However this is not enough on it's own to keep them from wandering as a Pig can push itself through almost anything with its incredibly strong snout ! So to keep them safe we use an electric fence unit which runs off a car battery. This powers the "wire" which runs round the inside of their paddock at "snout height" & whilst it doesn't actually deliver much in the way of a "shock" it is enough to discourage the Pigs from "exploring". The problem is they get out is that there is not much you can do to catch them! - particularly the large whites which must weigh over 400 pounds at least !

Unfortunately, from time to time the battery runs down - if vegetation touches the wire it will drain the battery in a few days - & when the Pigs realise, they push through the fencing !

Today's escape was only an "inter paddock" exploration as the fencing that had been "destroyed" was the fence between the two paddocks. There had been a few squabbles, but all six pigs are fully grown & can look after themselves, and so we decided to leave them all together & make one much larger paddock.

They had unfortunately had a right old game with the electric cable & had pulled it down completely in a number of places, so it took about 2 hours to sort it all out. The old battery is now on charge & we keep a spare fully charged & ready to go fort such occasions.

Fortunately, they had not broken out completely & got into the other Pig paddocks also on that field as there are quite a few tiny (in comparison!) Pigs living there too together with some of the goats & the original 4 Sheep we rescued a few years ago. The Large Whites would bully the smaller pigs & so it is vital to prevent this from happening.

On top of this "extra job" we had the weekly feed delivery to unload which takes a few hours extra !

If you have not already let us know that that you want a place on the next dog walk, please do so as the Dogs are getting booked already !

23rd October - Christmas Open Day

This year we will be hosting two "Christmas Events" - Firstly on Sunday 25th November (well it's almost December!) we will have the Christmas Open Day - from Noon as usual & on the following Sunday we will have the 2nd Charity Dog Walk! - The 1st has proven popular & already names are going down for the next one ! So if you want to book a Dog ! please send me a mail as soon as possible.

21st October - Dog Walking Day !

The day finally arrived for the inaugural Charity Dog Walking Day ! All the dogs were very excited and by 11 am all those able to do so, were ready to be taken for a long walk by the volunteers !

Mutley takes up the story. "The weather was excellent as we headed off down the bridle way which starts almost opposite the house.. story & pictures continues at this link HERE

17th October - Beanie's Page

Further to the entry below (8th October) Beanies page with picture is now live from the main Dogs page (Beanie is bottom right)

13th October - Dogs Page

The new Dogs Page is more or less done, so I have uploaded it, so that when you click on the dog image on any of the animal pages it will come up ! - One slight snag is that the links that take you through to the appropriate page don't seem to be working - which is most bizarre - as I haven't done anything differently on this page to any other & the links all work normally - still - I have emailed the software people & will hope that they can fix whatever it is. If the links work for you, can you let me know? - You can see the URL of the address when you put the cursor over the face, so you can always just type that into your browser & get to the page manually in the meantime. I still have to do pages for a few of the dogs & these will go live in the next few days - the page is here

11th October - Winter Arrangements

With the wet weather, the fields have very quickly deteriorated meaning that I have had to bring as many of the horses off of them & into the school areas as possible. Some of the elderly horses are coming into stables at night now. This weekend we will bring more animals off the fields and get the areas sorted out for the onset of Winter. The forecast says it will get a bit warmer - but with the state of my ribs & Martin only really available to help with something like this at the weekends we think it makes sense to be prepared now for when the weather does turn.

The Dog walk is proving popular with quite a few people indicating that they would like to attend - I will keep you posted

We have also uploaded a picture of the Suit for Tender fund raiser as per the entry below

Finally for tonight, pictures of Tara who arrived on 6th Oct are now live & although it isn't finished yet, you can see her on the new dogs page right at the bottom. Click on her face to go to her page - New Dogs page HERE

10th October - Fashion Show - see HERE

Well not quite, but a while ago my Sister purchased a new suit for her Husband, the plan being that he would slim down into it - a popular wheeze - however things have gone awry & instead of dropping a size.... The upshot is that we have been given a fantastic Jonathan Adams Dark 2 piece suit (£200) which has not been worn. We are going to tender it to raise funds for the animals (it is too small for Martin !)

It is 32" waist, Regular & chest size 40". So if you know a man who could do with a great new suit (perhaps for Christmas) send us your max bid by e mail. A photo will be published at the w/e - published HERE

The tender will close at 6 pm on October 31st. The winner will need to either pick up from here or from Brentwood where Martin works.

9th October - Charity Dog Walk

We are holding a Charity Dog walk on Sunday 21st October at 11 am. Basically if you have a Dog who gets on with others and would welcome the opportunity to go on a ramble in the countryside round here (about 5 miles) then please let me know to book a space! We will have food (Baked Potato etc) and a drink ready at the end. You do not have to have a Dog to attend, you can come for the walk !

We are asking for a £10 donation per person & Dogs are FREE ! All funds will go towards the feed costs of the rescued animals. We have a few dogs at the Sanctuary that would like to go along, so perhaps if you are experienced & depending on age, one of those might be able to go with you. The guided walk will last about 2 hours.

8th October - Beanie Arrives

Beanie is a very old male Spaniel dog who has lived in council kennels for far too long.  Being so old he was facing the needle, but one of the volunteers has managed to get him out & to us before that plan went ahead so at least he will know a home environment with lots of friends for his remaining time. He has had to have a lump removed at the vets and was wearing one of those plastic collars on arrival. These are necessary to stop the animals chewing their stitches out - which is generally a bad idea ! Last night was the 1st night & Beanie was quite restless, but today I introduced him to the house gang & have removed the collar as he is not showing any interest in the stitches. To be honest I don't think he is flexible enough to bend round that far anymore! - poor old boy.

He will have his picture posted soon & appear on the new dogs page which is still under construction here

7th October - Goose has a bath

If you have broadband, checkout this video which was taken at the weekend. It shows two of the 14  rescued Geese having a bath ! - HERE

6th October - Bella & Tara arrive

I have taken two elderly girls in to join my "oldies" gang.

Tara and Bella are lovely old girls and have settled in with the main house gang. I will get their pictures uploaded as soon as possible.

5th October - Skipio goes to sleep

Further to the news published below on 30th September, I regret to let you know that in spite of the vets initial high hopes for Skipio, they were unable to do anything for him and he had to be put to sleep by injection. This actually happened on the evening he went to the vet but we have been too upset to publish the details.

Colic is always a potential disaster for a horse, but following the vets initial examination he thought that as the blockage appeared to be low down in the bowel, they would probably be able to sort it at the surgery. However at about 8 pm, Martin got a call to say that unfortunately when they investigated further, poor Skipio had managed to tear his bowel right round, meaning that there was nothing that they could do to save him. This is fortunately a very rare thing to happen & Skipio must have had some inherent weakness in the bowel for this to happen. Clearly I was still in Berlin at the time, but Martin had to drive over to the vets to be with Skipio at the end. They had loaded his bowel with local anaesthetic so that he was out of any pain, so much so that he was happily eating away when Martin arrived, but clearly with a severed bowel, it is impossible to repair it, as movement through any stitching in that area would tear the stitches.

Skipio was Dolly the Shire's best friend and as you may know Dolly passed on 17th March this year (see below). Skipio has gone to the same crematorium as Dolly & his ashes will be scattered with hers so they can be together forever. Skipio had lived with us for about 8 years.

This is so very sad and if you want to help us with the costs please get in touch. Altogether including the call out, transport & funeral expenses it will be about £600

4th October - World Animal Day !

Fiona has been asked to do a number of radio interviews in support of World Animal Day which is today ! - It is intended as a day of celebration for anyone in the world who cares about animals. If you want to help Fiona with the 300 rescued animals at the Sanctuary, please click here for some ideas - if you want to visit the World Animal Day website please click here to read all about it.

3rd October - Berlin Marathon Pics HERE

30th September - Race Day

As regular readers will know, Fiona was determined to run today despite her injury. On the elite start line, she found herself again talking to Haile Gebreselassi who advised her not to run given her injury ! - Yes that's THE Haile Gebreselassi telling Fiona not to run !! However when you have put as much into it as she has, she didn't want to let anyone down & so ran. It was a very painful race for Fiona, she was in so much pain that she actually stopped at 25K hoping to get a lift, however when no lift arrived the only thing to do was to carry on. Fiona will, I'm sure, write a full race report when she gets back which I will circulate to all supporters & people on the mailing list.

I am delighted to say that Fiona finished in just over 3 hours, however her pain was so great that the organisers insisted she went to hospital where X Rays revealed that she had broken 2 ribs, rather than the suspected one ! (No wonder it hurt so much). However if you know Fiona you know the word 'can't' isn't in her dictionary.

Thank you to all who sponsored Fiona & anyone wishing to retrospectively do so can do at this link.

We very much need your support as today has not been a good one. I noted that Skipio, one of the elderly horses & Dolly's best friend, was down in the field when I took their breakfast out today. He got up when I approached, but soon went down again. He clearly had a colic & I know how serious these can be. I gave him some painkiller & waited to see how he would be by lunchtime & saw to the others.

Unfortunately he was no better a few hours later & I was concerned at his behavior so called the vet. Eric Belloy arrived within the hour from House & Jackson & Eric diagnosed a severe bowel colic & needed to have Skipio taken to the vets where they could see to him & perform a more thorough inspection.

Eric left & I had to locate a transporter. I called Mark & Trish who we like to use & Trish was here within 30 minutes & helped me get Skipio loaded & off to the vet.

I will let you know what happens next as soon as I can. It's just gone midnight & I am running a tad late today - must sort out something to eat next.

27th September - Berlin

Fiona & her Mum have arrived safely in Berlin ! If you want to sponsor Fiona to raise funds for the animals, please refer to this link - thanks

26th September - Fiona off to Berlin

It's not been ideal for the past 10 days or so, as Fiona has been training very hard since June for the Berlin Marathon this Sunday & after running some 1500 miles during this time, in her 1st of three weeks "tapering" (i.e. winding down the training to almost rest ahead of the race) she stumbled with a crate of veg & hurt her rib cage. In fact the pain was so bad that it was diagnosed as a fractured or cracked rib ! The word "Devastated" doesn't really go far enough to describe what that has done to Fiona. However, she has been resting as much as possible & yesterday decided to finally go ahead, even though she is far from recovered. It has been too much training & too much of her life to throw away the chance of being on the start line wearing her Vegan Runners top for the world to see.

So today she has gone with her Mum, by train & will arrive tomorrow morning in Berlin. I have taken my annual leave to look after the gang.

I will try & keep the site updated with events between now & the race.

Unfortunately I hurt my back badly last week & have been referred for Physio, so the next week home alone promises to be a challenge

Today the theme has been 'flat tyres'. The little tractor has a flat on the front & although it has had a slow puncture for a while now, it has been OK to pump up prior to use. However the valve has now twisted round inside the tyre & so I can't get to it to put air in. So todays extra job - on top of the animal work - was to jack the wheel up, remove it & get it to our hay merchants who also look after things like this. It's like a small car tyre, you need specialist equipment to get the tyre off - forks don't work on a tyre this heavy !

Then I loaded the big wheel barrow with the evening carrots & 5 sacks of short feed. Tried to move it & thought, hmm feels a bit stiff - looked down to see one of the tyres was flat ! Great. These tyres are smaller & I can repair these. So I took it off, took the tube out, found the hole, removing the blackthorn needle that caused the puncture & then went off to look for a puncture repair kit..

Well, you can guess the rest. I must have purchased at least 1,245 bicycle repair kits over the years - can I find one? AAggghhhh

Plan B, use the smaller barrow & make 2 trips !

I am now just waiting for the remaining chickens to retire so I can put them to bed & then I can start on the Cats !

If anyone knows where we keep the puncture repair kit, please tell me...

Lastly - the Lorry battery mentioned below is £101.50 - so our guess was quite close ! If anyone can help we would be grateful to hear from you

19th September - Horsebox Update

As some of you may know, the Sanctuary lorry (Daisy) has been off the road for a few years now, but Sanctuary supporter Ann has located a friendly "fitter" who is going to have a look at her for us. One initial snag however is that the Battery is gone & sourcing one is proving a challenge - well sourcing a free one is! The battery type is a 649 & I think that a new one will be over £100! If anyone is able to help us with this please do get in touch. I will speak to a garage tomorrow to get an accurate price.

18th September - Dogs Page Update

I am revamping the Dogs page & here is a sneak preview of what the new page will look like
HERE - Note that the individual pages that will be reached by clicking on the images are not there yet - well three are! [UPDATE now 8 @ 19th] - you can find them if you try. This will eventually replace the Dogs Page as it exists today. Clearly I shouldn't publish this whilst it is unfinished, but I thought I would share this with you in the meantime !

17th September - Rescued Lamb Update

Below is a short video of the rescued Southdown Sheep being fed their breakfast !
The video is hosted by youtube & therefore when it ends it will offer you other videos to watch, although those will be nothing to do with the Sanctuary, but will be "sheep related". This is just a cautionary note, in case you are not familiar with youtube !

15th September - Busy

It has been a very busy few weeks & we have not had a chance to update the website - other than post the pictures of Simon below. With the weather being as it has been, there was a sudden rush of Hay available off the fields & so every spare moment we have (& there aren't many of those!) has been taken collecting & storing bales of Hay. Each one collected saves us about £2, so we clearly cannot say no.

This week too, with the dry weather we have had the muck heap taken away. This is no small task as a "years" much is about 500 tons. Plus they were able to take last years pile away too which had been put into the field where the Pigs live (Not in their paddock) & there was probably about 500 tons there too!

Also in preparation for the Winter, the two schools have been dug out, & fresh bark chips have been laid. All these ground works have taken 4 days to do & will cost us around £2000. It is however absolutely essential maintenance as we have to be prepared for the Winter & the horses need their Winter Areas to be fully prepared & ready ahead of their moving into them. At the moment, they are enjoying the September sunshine, although as the nights are getting colder I am starting to rug the elderly horses.

4th August - Simon the Dog

Simon is only a young dog, but he has spent half his 18 months of life living in a council run kennels. He was due to be put to sleep but we managed to get him out. He is a big dog. A very big dog in fact - he is a Bull Mastiff x Great Dane, but is not a well dog. The vet says he will be fine, but is suffering from a number of conditions which he now has under control with drugs. He is also very underweight. Simon is eating like a small horse, which is not odd really as he is about the size of a small horse. He is very sweet & has settled in well with the other members of the Dog gang. I will post some pictures soon - PICS HERE

1st August - Bill & Ben

Bill & Ben are two black house cats who have arrived recently. They were unable to stay at their original home due to allergy issues they were causing, so they have come to live here. I will get pictures of them published just as soon as I can - we are very busy at the moment as with the weather, there has been a lot of Hay cut and we are trying to collect in as much as possible. Last weekend we managed to get 450 bales in with help from Leigh, Matt, Gary & Kevin - which was very much appreciated !

25th July - Murphy goes to sleep

It is with much regret that I have to report that our beloved Great Dane Murphy has passed on. He was about 12 - a grand age for a Dane - but only with us here for 18 months having been thrown out of his last home. He was a fantastic dog & will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

18th July - Kitty arrives

Kitty was another middle aged cat (14) who was taken to the vet to be put to sleep as her owners didn't want her anymore. She was one of a pair, but unfortunately her friend was very ill and was put to sleep, However there was nothing wring with Kitty & so despite her owners wishes that she be killed, she was rescued and found her way to the Sanctuary. She is an indoor cat and looks almost identical to Squeak below. I have no picture of her yet, but will publish one as soon as I can. She is living with Squeak and they get on very well

14th July - Squeak arrives

Squeak is a 15 year old Cat who had to be re-homed as his owners who had had him from a kitten were having to move into accommodation where it was not possible for him to live. Squeak is living with Jasmine in her room for the time being & you can see a picture of squeak here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

10th July - Jasmine arrives

Jasmine is an 18 year old cat who is blind. Her lifetime owners had taken her to the vet to be put to sleep as they thought it was best all round as they didn't want to look after her anymore. This was inspite of the fact that the vet said there was nothing actually very wrong with her other than her blood pressure was up & she was old. They said she ought to have al least another year in her given her health. So fortunately for Jasmine, the veterinary nurse contacted me to see if we would give her a home.

Jasmine is quite a large cat & has very big eyes - she is very sweet but clearly being blind she cannot be allowed to roam. So instead she is living in a room in the house when she can be visited by other cats but cannot get out herself. This is achieved by using a child gate on the door as sighted cats can jump over, but she wont jump out

I haven't got a good picture of her yet, but there is one on this page here scroll to the bottom of the page)

2nd July - Marathon

My next marathon will be Berlin on 30th September - see here for more details
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