Sanctuary News Jul-Dec 2000
Two piglets escape in New Forest Foal Drama - 10/7/00
This morning I found that the new forest rescued foal had knocked down the fence to the pigs enclosure - was actually standing in the pig pen surrounded by piglets! - two had realised the fence was down & were milling about in the field.
This is exactly what you don't want to find when you are looking after this many animals on your own. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to get the foal out of the pig pen, & persuade the two escapees to return  - with the help of a large bucket of food.
The only damage is a cut to one of  the foal's legs which I hae managed to get some antiseptic spray on. She is not yet tame which made this job all the harder - see her story in the horses section of my site.
Three new cats released on Saturday Night - 8/7/00
I took in three more "outside" cats from the RSPCA about 4 weeks ago. (Dusty, Marie - another white deaf cat & Cindy). The have been living in "feral pens" down the stables for the past 4 weeks. It is important to keep them in pens for at least this long in order for them to get used to their new surroundings & associate it with the place they get fed, prior to release. I released them on Saturday night & happily they have all settled in with the other cats
Some happy news & some sad - 26/7/00
One of the three new outside cats I released down the stables on the 8th July, (Dusty) dissapeared within 48 hours of being released. This is always a risk when letting a new cat out, and is the reason why I keep them inside their feral pens for at least 4 weeks prior to release so that they become accustomed to their surroundings and know where the food is. Dusty was the tamest of the cats and appeared to be getting on fine with the others.
Three days later - I found her in one of the fields. She was tired & a bit wary but allowed me to catch her & take her back to the stable block where I have decided to give her another spell in the pens before releasing her again.  I hope that she has had enough of exploring & will stay in the immediate area on next release.
Sadly, one of the other cats, Primrose - the cat with no tail has gone missing. It has been over two weeks now & I have seen no sign of her. She was a very friendly cat but had a tendancy to roam far and wide.
Sanctuary Bank Account goes live - 23/7/00
The sanctuary's account has now been opened with the Abbey National. If you feel you would like to help me with all the animals, please do have a look at the details on this link.
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Primrose Returns from the Wilderness! - 30/08/00
Primrose the cat has returned after being missing for nearly three weeks. She re-appeared at the weekend - I heard a miaw from a hedge in the garden, and on investigattion Primrose emerged. She was still in good condition and must have been eating well during her absence as she has not lost any weight.

I will my eye on her over the next few days. Needles to say I am very happy to find her again 
Dusty, Primrose & Rufus released  - 7/08/00
I decided to try and release Dusty again down the yard (see 26/7) at the weekend and so far so good, apart from running madly about the place chasing everything, so far he has decided not to wander off. I released two other cats who have been particularly poorly too.

Rufus is a very old cat who has been with me about 6 months. He has a thyroid condition & I have to pop tablets down his throat every day. He was little more that skin & bone when he arrived, & inspite of a voracious appitite he does not gain any weight. He is however so affectionate & follows me about everywhere. He was going to be put down when I said I would have him as he was in a real state. His matted cost was so bad it was very difficult to get the lumps out without hurting him, so I let them grow out naturally which has worked a treat

I figure that even if he does not have long he will at least now have a great environment to play in and although he is very small he is not frightened of anything, the dogs give him a wide berth!

Primrose (another Primrose see 30/8) is also an elderly cat & when she arrived - again saved from termination - her mouth was so badly infected she had to have most of her teeth removed.

She has made a strong recovery and has now put on quite a lot of weight.

Unfortunately I don't have their pictures to post just yet, but will do so within the week
Poor Rufus goes to sleep - 28/08/00
Rufus (see 7/8/00 below) was doing so well living in the stable complex, but I noticed that one of his eyes was partially closed about 3 days ago. I decided to bring him into the house where he could be more closely monitored & where I could more easily bath his eye.

He lost interest in his food on Saturday & I spent time with him on Sunday night. All he wanted to do was nestle his head into my lap. I couldn't get him to eat anything & he only drank a very small amount of water.

I put him to bed on the armchair with his little andrex puppy toy & the Angels took him during the night .  I am very sad.

Primrose & Dusty are both doing fine, although Dusty has decided to become a partial house cat & although I take him down the stables at night, by the time I get back to the house, he's there at the door waiting to come in again !!
Please help me with the cost of caring
for the animals
Problems with William's ear - 31/08/00
William is one of the miniature goats & A few days ago he developed what I have since been told was a heamatoma (blood clot) in his left ear. Clearly, when I noticed the swelling I called the vet who advised that it did not sound serious but that I shold bring him in for a check up.

Fortunately, there was no need to operate, although the ear is now a bit deformed & may be more prone to infection than a healthy ear. I will keep an eye on it.
Sheep ear tagging problems - 1/09/00
The Government have recently announced that all sheep must have their ears tagged. This is because of all the problems of animals in the food chain (not mine) being fed infected animal matter and following the BSE  disease in cattle the worry is that sheep & other farm animals who it now transpires have also been fed this matter, will present a problem to the human population who still eat meat. So all animals in the food chain have to be tagged so that if problems arise they can trace where they came from etc.

Clearly I was horrified with the prospect of having to have Marney tagged. He is a rescued lamb who is both sensitive, caring & who enjoys listening to Metallica. I telephoned the Ministry to explain that that not only would tagging his ear hurt Marney, but that because he hangs about with the dogs - believing himself to be a dog - they would all notice the tag & laugh at him causing him to be embarassed. There was some silence on the phone at this point, but they said they would consider my request as I was a sanctuary & would get back to me.
Bluey Cat passes on - 4/09/00
Bluey cat had been with me for over a year and was a feral Persian Blue. When he came to me he was literally skin & bone & spent about 2 weeks at the vets under intensive care. Even then he was far too thin to let out & he spent about 6 months living in a back room of the house, during which time he tamed up enough to be stroked - as long as you were holding an open tin of food in the other hand!  He was well enough to be released about 6 months ago & has been enjoying himself living in the hay loft ever since.

I found his body this morning. I did not know how old he was, but thought it was fairly old as he would sit like an old man with his tongue hanging out. He was a real character & I will miss him.
William passes on - 7/09/00
William the miniature goat (see 31/8 below) very sadly is no longer with me. I found him on Thursday morning in his stable looking very ill. With so many animals to look after and with so many being "older animals" that people don't want any more, I am having to face this situation more & more - although it does not get any easier. I could tell instantly that he did not have long, but immediately telephoned the Vet in case there was anything they could do.
William layed on the back seat of the car as he was carefully driven to the Vet's but during the 5 minutes it took from parking to getting someone out to the car, he had gone to sleep. I am very upset and will miss him. I understand from the vet that William probably suffered from a respiritory failure or a major organ failure possibly caused by stresses in his earlier life finally catching up with him. Rest in peace William
First Donation Received - 4/10/00
The first donation was paid into the sancturies bank account this week since going "on line" a few months ago. I am very grateful to the donor. The money will help towards the cost of feeding the rescued animals.
Four more Cats arrive - 1/10/00
My volunteer contact at the RSPCA asked me if I could take four more feral cats as a policy change at the RSPCA meant that they were all going to be put to sleep. It seems that it is costing far too much money to house these poor cats whilst volunteers desperatly look for homes. The answer is apparently to put them to sleep. My contact is so disgusted with the attitude she has resigned. I would wager their attitude would be different if the cameras were rolling...

The four cats are Tigger & Snuffles (both deaf at a stone), Rob & Molly. They are all in feral pens down the stables where they will stay for about 4-6 weeks. Then they will be released with the others.
Daisy (the Cow) hits the headlines - 5/10/00
...well, page 7 of the Essex Chronicle anyway!!
I received a letter out of the blue from MAFF (Ministry of Agriciulture, Fisheries & Food) to advise that Daisy's mother had been taken away from her farm & slaughtered on suspicion that she had BSE. If the results were positive they were going to take Daisy away & slaughter her too.

As you could imagine I was mortified, I had saved Daisy from slaughter over a year ago & now because of BSE she was going to be culled - inspite of the fact that she is now out of the meat eating human food chain. I spoke to several animal charities all of whom said they would support me. I wrote to the ministry pointing these facts out, however in spite of saying that they had a few complaints from people who had cows as pets they were obliged to comply with government legistation & have all offspring culled.

The results of Daisy's mother are now known - she did not have BSE. Pity they can't tell
her, but you know how it is, slaughter everything first, find out whether it was necessary later...

Three more Baby Cows arrive 8/10/00
I was able to save three more baby cows from slaughter at the weekend. They are very small (see Cows page for pictures). They are all baby boys and faced certain death. I will feed them milk replaced until they can eat hard feed & hay & they will move into the field with the others in the Spring.
Cats Released 8/11/00
The four new cats have now been released & al all doing well. Molly & Rob are very tame & the two deaf cats Tigger & Snuffles have teamed up with the two existing deaf cats, Marie & White Cat.
Turkey Rescue 3/12/00
Every year I try to save a few of these desperate creatures. This year I managed to get 6, all from the hospital wing of a turkey farm - i.e. where the badly pecked/injured birds are kept to try & recover - prior to slaughter..??! details will be in the Winter Newsletter which I am hoping to issue to all supports in about 2 weeks. 
Cat Operation - 4/12/00
"Angry Cat" is a feral who used to have a bit of an attitude problem - hence the name!, however on Sunday I noticed a lump on the side of his head & neck. Unusually he let me pick him up & I was able to see quite a large lump had developed. Fearing the worst (Tumor) I isolated him & arranged for the vet to examine him. Thankfully it was an abscess - usually the result of a scratch that gets infected. He had a successful operation & is now recovering.
Sad News for Angry Cat - 8/12/00
I have been constantly monitoring Angry following his operation on 4th & after initial success he started to get weaker. I called the vet in last night and took him in. He was put on a drip but sadly passed on during the night. I'm told it was kindey failure. He came to me over a year ago via a vet who had been given him with the instructions that he was to be destroyed. There was no reason to do this, & the nurse took him & secretly passed him to me. At least he had over a year with me in a great environment for a cat.
Cows Transported - 25th December
I chose today to move the cows, as the roads should (& were) be quiet. All three now safe in a stable for the winter - they have however learned that if the continually "moo" they get more hay - & more & more & more !!!

So much for my repairs ! - 18th December
Daisy, the explorer struck again. Very early this morning a chap on his way back from a night shift saw Daisy out of the field (again) & fearing for her safety - as she is black - stopped & ushered her down a quiet road. The man very kindly called at the house to explain, & helped us get Daisy into a stable with the assistance of a  bucket of food. I am very grateful to the man for helping. Unfortunately, I cannot see how Daisy is getting out, as neither Bluebell & Buttercup are following. I will bring the other two across the road to join Daisy in the safety of a stable for the winter until I can sort the fencing out properly in the Spring

Daisy "the molecow" reports for duty - 10th December
Daisy, of Essex Chronicle fame - see below, decided it would be fun to burrow out below the fencing onto the road early Sunday morning. Fortunately, Buttercup & Bluebell decided that it was a silly thing to do & didn't follow her. The tree lined embankment the fence is dug into had become so sodden with all this rain, that a little hoof digging had exposed the bottom rung of the wire fencing making it possible for any passing contortionist cows to crawl underneath. I really don't know how she managd it.  I am very grateful to the lady who called on a mobile to alert me to the problem, and to both Chris & Tony from Southminister who stopped to help me get the escape artist back into her field. I have made the necessary repairs to the damaged fence.
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