Nadia & Dinara the Piglets
Nadia & Dinara arrived in February '06 aged about 8 weeks. They are Large White Piglets and were rescued from slaughter.

They are living in the stables at the moment in a pen I have put together as all the stables are already taken up with other chaps.

I am hoping that when they are bigger I will be able to integrate them with Percy Pig, however introducing Pigs is not always sucessful & is fraught with risk as they can fight. We will have to see how it goes. The integration is however at least 4 months away & so in the meantime they will stay within the stable complex.
Here are the little chaps enjoying their breakfast. Nadia is on the Left in all the pictures. She is a little bigger then Dinara. Both are growing fast but are smaller than Percy was when he was at 8 weeks.
If you would like to adopt or Sponsor one of there little babies, please let me know by e mail. They will be able to meet you at the next open day !
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The two girls have been successfully introduced into Percy's paddock and they are all happily living together now. It can often be tricky to introduce Pigs to each other as they will nearly always fight & can cause significant injury. With these two being so younf and agile they were easily able to out run Percy and keep out of his way. It took about two weeks for Percy to 'get used' to the idea of sharing his paddock, but they are all friends now !

See them here in the December snows of 2005

Update October 2008 - the girls now live with Jayne & her gang of Large White Pigs and Percy lives with another lady Pig called CT !

See this page & scroll to the bottom for a recent pic !