Meet Murphy !
Here is Murphy's foot (top) next to Martin's size 10 foot to give you a clue as to what Murphy might be - can you guess? - Yes, he's a Dog - but what type?
Here he is - He's a Great Dane & what a gentleman he is too !
He was quite nervous when he arrived but after he was introduced to all the other Dogs, he settled in very well. He is a very gentle Dog, but insists on standing or laying next to me wherever I happen to be when in the house  - yes - even in bed !!!

This is a bit tricky as you can probably imagine
Murphy is about 10 years old which means that he is quite old for this breed, but we hope that he will be around a while yet to enjoy his retirement at the Sanctuary.

If you are not already a member of the Sanctuary, Please do think about joining as we are really struggling for funds. You could sponsor Murphy or any of the rescued animals from just a few pounds a month & it will make a real difference. Murphy in particular will cost quite a bit to look after properly, so your support would be gratefully appreciated.

Just mail me for the instructions on how to sponsor or print off a Standing Order form here, complete it and post it to us.

As a member you will be invited to the Open Days, the next one is 4th Dec !

Thank you from all the gang

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Here he is crashing out with Horace
A little snooze with his friend Maddie
"All the seats were occupied"
Murphy Unwell - June 2007

Appeal Here
Murphy Appeal - June 25th 2007

You may have seen on the latest news that Murphy is has not well

He has a tumour in his leg which cannot be removed and is on strong pain killers - He is able to walk about & do the tings Dogs like to do and we are making him as comfortable as possible.

The vet estimates he is about 11 years old now, which is clearly a grand age for a Dog of this breed, however we will do everything we can to make his retirement at the Sanctuary as comfortable as we can. Clearly if we reach the point where we can no longer do this we will have to do what we really don't want to think about at the moment.

If you can help in anyway towards his treatment costs we would be very grateful - please mail me or donate via paypal at

Thank you