Marinka is three years old but cannot be used to breed from as she has crippled front legs. She was going to be sent for slaughter.

Here she has just arrived at the sanctuary & I am trying to coax her out with a bucket of feed.

After about an hour, Martin I & Dan (in picture) managed to get her down the ramp to meet Olga
Fortunately Dan was around to help this weekend as he was re-wiring the lights & power in the stable block (well he was when he wasn't helping un unload Marinka !!)
More Pictures of Marinka and Olga
Above - you can see them together in the "schools" in the Summer of '05

Left is Marinka grazing - because she is crippled, she spends a lot of time kneeling as it is more comfortable for her
Here they both are in one of the new turn out areas.