Maddie - passed away 14th Jan 2010
When we moved from our house in Ongar to Tower Hill Stables back in the mid 90's we only had two rescued dogs at the time -Monty & Judy. As the move was complex involving us having to spend a week without anywhere to live at all! we decided to put Monty & Judy into kennels belong to K0 Care in Harlow.

When it was time to collect them we found that they had made friends with a homeless dog who was staying at the kennels called Maddie.  Monty & Judy were clearly very excited playing with their new friend Maddie that we couldn't leave without taking her too !
Maddie & Judy
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Unknown to Judy, Maddie has recently installed warp drive
Maddie is a very boisterous dog, but has calmed a little over the past 10 years or so!

She can run very fast indeed & loves to go mad running round the field.

Her coat is particularly problematic and I have yet to find a pair of clippers that will successfully cut it ! She tends to develop 'matted' bits which we cut out carefully with scissors.

We have tried dog clippers, horse clippers & even sheep clippers, but her fur just won't be cut !!!
Here Maddie takes a nap with her friend Miss Chevious the Cat
What Carrot?

I don't know what you are implying?
Maddie & Judy
Please Help Us !
It is with much regret that I must tell you that Maddie passed away peacefully on 14th January 2010 in the evening. She was about 16 years old and died of natural causes. She had been eating right un until the day before, although had become slower in the past few months. She was on her favourite settee with her friends together with Martin & I when she slipped away.

She was the oldest rescued Dog here with us at the time, one of only 3 who moved here to Asheldham with us when we moved in in 1996

She will be missed
Rest in Peace Maddie

We will always remember you
Please help Fiona help my friends now I am gone

Thank you