This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Looby Lou
We don't know what name she had before, but like many many Staffie's through no fault of her own she has been thrown out and ended up at a pound.

She had been saved from that pound & went to a rescue but
Clearly to continue to help animals like Looby Lou puts a continuing and increased financial strain on us and so if you are reading this and not already a member, please consider joining the Sanctuary

You can donate whatever amount you like on a monthly basis & be assured that whatever you give, it all goes towards the animals feed costs - none of your money is diverted to pay expenses or salaries etc

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Thank you - woof woof !
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she has been passed from place to place for reasons we are unsure of.

Continunity is so important for animals (as well as people) & consistantly moving them about just causes problems.

She was quiet on arrival and we introduced her to the main gang. Paris, the Great Dane (who is top dog in the house), was very keen to see who the new arrival was, but when newly named Looby Lou showed no sign of aggression, she was accepted - which was just as well !! All the others then met & greeted Lou Lou in the way that doggies do & she has settled in very well and taken up residence in this dog bed under the stairs !