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Parachute Jump   - 15th May 2010

Linda will be doing her first parachute jump on her birthday - 15th of May -  and has decided to make it a "Sponsored Event" so that she can raise funds for the rescues at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary !

Linda's five Cat's will be cheering her on - from wherever they select to 'cat nap' from on that day..or will they? read on...

Linda says :

"I am continually upset and disturbed by how many unwanted animals there are, and how often so much neglect and cruelty is inflicted on such innocent creatures. I have been so moved, inspired and impressed by Fiona's work and commitment and donate to Tower Hill Stables whenever I can. However, I wanted to do something that would hopefully help in giving further. I also wanted to help raise awareness of Tower Hill Stables in some way."

So please forward this page far and wide too see how much we can raise through Linda's jump !

All Linda needs to do is this

Linda is Jumping out of a Plane !
Sponsor Linda !

by PayPal here
or by cheque payable to:
"Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary"

Post to: Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ - please mark the envelope "re Linda Gregory" - thank you
Linda with her partner Paul - who will be cheering her on ...from terra firma !
(Artists impression)
Unknown to Linda, her Cat's have been in training too & will be keeping an eye on her throughout the jump