Laddie, Dan & Poppy
Laddie & Dan arrived in January '05 and are both aged 14.

They had lived in Stafford and their owner was having to move into a place that would not let her keep dogs and so she had been desperately looking for somewhere that would take them in. None of the re-homing charities would look at Laddie & Dan because at their age they are considered to be too old & the only help the larger charities could offer was euthanasia.

When I was contacted I said I would take them and look after them for the rest of their lives. Neither dog had been castrated & so this had to be done before I could attempt to integrate them with the other dogs in the "old timers gang".

Laddie & Dan successfully had their operations performed and we just have to wait a few more weeks before any integration can be attempted.

Here are some pictures taken today (14th Jan). Laddie is not "bothering" the operation stitches and so has not had to wear his collar - Dan on the other hand is very keen to remove his own stitches & so has to wear the collar until the stitches are removed next week.
This is Dan !
...& here is Laddie

- Sadly no longer with us - Laddie slipped into a coma in the Summer of '05 and passed away peacefully.

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With feed costs alone now running at £3500 a month I would be very grateful for any help you can offer - If you would like to sponsor  Dan, or any of the other Dogs or animals at the Sanctuary - please mail me  Many thanks - Fiona
Poppy arrived in May 2006. She was facing the needle as she could not be homed. She is a diabetic and very thin indeed.

being diabetic, Poppy needs a daily injection of insulin as her body cannot make it's own insulin which she needs to survive.

She is very good with the injections, never making a fuss.

She gets on with all the other dogs too. If you would like to be her 1st sponsor, please mail me
Poppy !
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