Bunty the Pony arrived at the Sanctuary a few months ago & as soon as I saw here I thought she must be pregnant as she was so 'round'. When the vet checked her out, I asked him what he thought, but he said he couldn't be sure !!!

Time passed by & Bunty has settled in very well with her friend who is called 'Mini Max'.

About a week ago, I suspected that she was 'close' as her behaviour changed & she was spending more time sitting or lying down. When I opened up the stables on Good Friday morning everything seemed normal. The Geese came flying out as usual, followed by the Peacocks & Peahens. Nadia & Dinara the Piglets started to shriek for their food & Skipio the horse started making a similiar noise to the Piglets in a competition with them to see who gets the short feed first. (Nadia & Dinara won, but don't tell Skipio!).

Then I went to hand shortfeed out to Bunty & as I peered in over the stable door I couldn't help but notice the small cute bundle nestling in the hay at Bunty's feet !

It's always a 'shock' to see a baby animal just a few hours old - clearly we do not breed any animal at the Sanctuary, but when they are rescued in a pregnant state, as was Natalia the goat, a baby is always a lovely thing to see.

Here she is with her proud Mum.
I have called her 'Kosmatushka' which was the name of a magic horse belonging to a mythical knight in Russian folklore !

'Kosma' for short.

Is she cute or is she cute?

If you would like to Sponsor her or her proud Mum, Bunty, please do let me know.

You will be able to meet them at the next open day in June - which will be announced shortly.

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