Joe the Horse
Joe is a Skewbald Horse (that means a Horse which is Chestnut in colour together with any other colour other than black! - they are known in the UK as coloured horses)

Joe is 11 years old but suffers with permanent lameness. The damage he suffered appears to have happened when he was a youngster & he was probably "hammered" behind a trap on the road which has essentially ruined him. He has been passed around but has been with his current owner for three years. This owner has tried to do everything for Joe to see if the lameness can be cured & he has a long medical record at all sorts of specialist vets, however he cannot be ridden now (& hasn't been for 3 years) as the lameness will not allow it.

He can walk about & even run about on his own & is not in pain, but cannot be ridden.

His owner was happy to keep him as a companion, but now her circumstances have changed & she is unable to keep Joe. Since April she has been looking for a place at a rescue for him with no joy.

Not mentioning any names, the large organisations suggest Joe was put down as no-one wants a lame horse & even some of the smaller refuges refused him when they found out about the lameness as they wanted him to be re-homed to work. So things were looking bad for Joe as the final date for a home to be found was end Aug.

About a week or so ago, Fiona received an e mail & heard about Joe's plight. As regular readers will know we are so full here we have had to rent extra grazing up the road all at extra cost of course, but we felt so sorry for him that we offered to take him up at the new rented field where some of the ponies already are together with the girl sheep (Ewes)
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Here is Joe in his new field with Twinkle, Poppy & William in the background.
They all got on well together which was a result !
Joe goes for a trot round the field !
With haynets for goal posts, the girls paused from their Bank Holiday football match to watch Joe arrive
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Joe says "Please help Fiona"