Here are the two new faces that greeted me late this afternoon !

I had wondered whether any of the female Goats rescued from Becton were pregnant as they were running loose with entire males. Clearly Natalia was already pregnant when she arrived, although it is quite hard to tell if a Goat is pregnant. (I asked the vet when he checked them & he said he didn't know how to tell !)
The baby on the right is the bigger of the two & I have already seen him suckling. The little one on the left is very small & I am a bit concerned about him or her. I havn't seen him suckle yet and he stands away from Mum & his brother. I am however loath to take him away from Natalia at this early stage.

I will check every few hours from now on to see how he is doing & if I don't feel comfortable I will unfortunately have to hand rear.
Clearly, as a sanctuary I do not set out to breed animals. as there are already millions needing a home as it is, however I have no control over the animals before they come to me.

I do wonder what would have happened if they had been born in the field in Becton on a freezing day like today where they didn't even have any form of shelter whatsoever. - Then again I think I know.
If you would like to sponsor these little baby Goats, or help towards their keep - or any of the rescues here - I would love to hear from you. I think this puts me at about 210 animals to care for now !!!
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Latest Pictures !
Here they are standing on the little wall that runs round the inside of their stable - Mummy has made a good job of cleaning them up hasn't she !
Peek-a-boo !
Tucking into some hay with Mum