More Goats !
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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In 1998 I took in four minature Goats, William, Polly, Molly & Baby. They were accompanied by two large Pot bellied Pigs - Pinky & Perky - who sadly are no longer with me.

Very sadly William suffered heart failure in 2001 but his three friends are still going strong & up to day to day mischief
Here is a picture of William and Molly back in 2000 in their Winter quarters

William is very sadly missed
Far left is Baby & next to her is Polly
In 2002 I was asked to take another male Goat.I was assured that he had been "seen to", a goat "expert" had seen him to confirm this status !

Well when he arrived... well lets just say that it was pretty "obvious" he was entire !

He had no name, so I called him William Littlejohn (don't ask).

Here he is looking very proud ! In the shot to the right you can see, Treebeard, Baby & William LittleJohn playing together
Wlliam Littlejohn
Peas & Gravy
In the Summer of 2003 I was asked to take 2 more Goats who were called Peas & Gravy. I have not got a picture of them yet, but will try & do so soon.

Their previous owner was unable to keep them anymore as their rented field was going to be used for something else. With approaching 200 animals here and absolutely no room to turn I was not really in a position to take them. Thankfully their owner promised to sponsor their on-going feed costs - so at least they were not going to be a financial worry on top of the space worry !!

Unfortunately she seems to have forgotton this small detail - how convenient !

If you are not already helping me & would like to sponsor Peas & Gravy, or any of the other animals, please send me a mail - thank you
email me
Vladamir, Rudolf, Svetlana & Natalia
Just prior to Christmas, I agreed to take 4 more Goats who had been rescued by members of Vegan Essex.

They were in danger of being shot as they were occupying some land owned by a Football club in Becton (London) & they had no "official" owner & the club wanted them off the land.

They had no names, of course! so I gave them these Russian flavour ones !

I created a page for them at the time which you can see here.

Tragically, the eldest & most frail of them Vladimir passed away in January '04. the other three are doing well, but have a way to go before they look as fit as the other Goats.

Natalia turned out to be pregnant on arrival ! - click here to see what happened