Next I was asked if I would give a home to three male Goats who were "entire".

If you have come across "entire" male Goats, you will know what the smell is like - it has to be experienced to be believed & it gets into everything ! I needed to get them seen to, also, and most importantly, to prevent them being able to get to any of the female Goats as they are not speyed and I do not want to be responsible for breeding any more Goats - there are so many needing homes already

As they had no names, I called them Radagast, Treebeard & Gandalf. Following their successful operations, they then decided to pick on Radagast, so much so, that he had to be separated for his own safety.

Radagast, separated for his own safety insists that "he was just about to 'ave em" before I intervened
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Florence & Ermintrude were the first goats I gave a home to in 1998. These two were being kept in a garage !

They were re-homed with me by the RSPCA and have been enjoying themselves at the sanctuary for about many years now. Florence has pulled this face especially for the occasion.
Click here to see a Bigger Face !!

You can even buy a mug with Florence's face on ! - click here
Dilly's Gang

Next I was asked to take 4 more Goats & 6 Pigs - all from the same owner who was going to have them all shot uness a home could be found.

I said I would take them & when they arrived, the transporter told me that when he saw how poorly they were, he very nearly refused to load them. He could have been prosecuted for transporting animals in such a condition. As he knew they were coming to me, he took the risk as he knew they would be cared for here

The Pig family was Bess's gang & you can read about them here. They were all in a dreadful state as you will see if you have a look.

2 of the Goats were actually not bad at all, but the other 2 were quite poorly, especially poor Maisie.
In 1999 I was asked to take Jack, as he had been bought as a minature goat & when he grew up it was clear that this was not the case.

Jack is very affectionate, and loves to have his head scratched. He lived in a paddock for a while with all the Goats I had at the time (2000 ish) However he was a bad influence on all the others as he kept on escaping & leading the others off over the neighbouring fields ! - This is clearly dangerous as they don't have much road sence ! Now he lives in a stable & goes out in the warmer months into the Cows winter field shelter, from which - so far - he hasn't escaped from.

Jack lives with Treebeard, Peas & Gravy

Gandalf is a spectacular goat and is the dominant male - with horns like these, who's going to argue !
Terry & Bob (The likely lads) are two miniature cheeky goats who came with Dilly & Maisie. They are younger & both have horns. It is important to ensure that horned goats & those without horns are kept separately, as the problem with those goats who do not have horns is that they don't remember that they don't have any horns !

One very popular goat game is rearing up onto ones hind legs & then headbutting the other goat who is also rearing up ! - They do this to establish hierarchy & also sometimes just as a goat pastime ! This is all very well if you happen to have a large set of horns on your head, but if you don't have any & you engage in this activity it makes your head bleed !

Goats without horns still go through the motions but not for long as it obviously hurts a lot more when you are just head butting rather than horn butting.

Goats don't fight all the time, but as these have just been re-homed the likelihood of fighting is increased as they are stressed from their journey and the new surroundings will take some getting used to - as will the new quantities of feed coming their way.

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Here is Florence just coming out of her new house which as you can see is nearing the closing stages of construction !
Just need to finish off the 3 foot overhang. She has a nice bed of straw inside. The others in her field, The Lads, Ermintrude & Dilly have a similiar house albeit slightly bigger. All the wood & roofing was recycled & cost me about £25 to build
Florence & Ermintrude were sisters - sadly Ermintrude passed on in 2001. However,  Florence is still going strong & shares a paddock with the Likely Lads now (see further down the page) I do not know how old they were when they arrived, but they were probably about 6, which means that Florence is at least 12 now.
Gandalf, Radagast & Treebeard
Maisie had a deformed front leg, it was twisted back on itself. I was told by the "owner" that she had broken it and that it had been fixed by a vet. I think the first half of the sentence was correct, but it had been left to set in a bent position.

Also Maisie was quite old.  We did what we could for her, but she passed away about 6 months later. She was a little sweetie & I won't forget her.

Dilly is also quite old but very sweet, but very greedy ! She enjoys all manor of things including my clothes when I stand too close for too long.

Dilly shares a pen with William LittleJohn Goat, but you will have to read about him on the next Goats page !
Here are Bob & Terry on arrival & below on the lawn - getting used to the scenery
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UPDATE - 21st May 2004
Very sadly Gandalf passed on today
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