Goat Rescue - November 28th 2003
Here are the 4 little Goats that were rescued from Becton.
What a sorry state they are.

I have names them clockwise from top, Svetlana, Ruldolf, Vladimir and Natalia.

Natalia's coat was totally matted with burs, as were the others but to a much lesser degree. All four are crawling with lice & fleas.

Natalia turned out to be Pregnant ! - see her new family here
You can see Natalia's coat more clearly in this shot - she must have been feeling awful. The eye she has half closed has an infection.

Ruldolf is very thin, well they all are, and he has no fur left on top of his head, it's just skin & bone
After we had see to all the animals on Saturday, we set to, to try & see what we could do to Natalia's coat with an old pair of Dog clippers. (My horse clippers broke about a year ago - & they would have been much better). However, piece by piece we got through the matted fur, thistle heads and burs. All the Goats are frightened and we had to do Natalia slowly, piece by piece.

A few hours later (about 11 pm) I took this shot - what a difference. We had to be careful not to take too much fur off, as it's a bad time of year to be shaving a Goat - Cold.
As a matter of urgency we will make arragements with a vet to have Rudolf & Vlad "seen to" as they are entire ...& boy can't you tell (from about 3 miles !). I am hoping that neither of the females is pregnant.

All four need to be treated for internal parasites and fleas too.

I had no room for these Goats, and I have had to move some existing residents out of their stable & into tempoary pens whilst I figure out how to win the Lottery

If you would like to help these poor souls get back into a fit & healthy condition, please think about becoming a member of the sanctuary through a monthly Standing Order - even £2 a month will help. 100% of donations goes towards the food.

Thank you
UPDATE - January '04

Very sadly, little Vlad has passed away. The others are all fine & getting better. The vet said that he was the eldest & in the poorest condition. I am very upset to loose him

I was asked a few weeks ago whether it would be possible to have these four Goats pictures made into Mug designs. These are available & if you would like to see them please click here