George the Pig !
Here I am in my stable, having just woken up from a nice sleep !
George was living in a water logged allotment in Yorkshire and in spite of trying & trying his owner (who had inherrited him) was not able to locate a sanctuary who would be prepared to take George.

I had only just agreed to take Amelie when I heard about George & no room at all.

But, as I understood that George's health was suffering and that he was being abused by having stones & other objects thrown at him I couldn't sit by & do nothing.

George takes the Sanctuary Pig total to 24 now !!
George had to be transported from Yorkshire to Essex & now he has to see a vet about being n-e-u-t-e-r-e-d (shhhh !! - don't say it out loud)

He is a lovely fellow and very hairy ! - George says he won't forget Lucy, Lesley, Luke, Robyn & Mick who looked after him in Yorkshire.

George would very much like you to sponsor him to help feed him & he will of course send you cards at Christmas & Birthdays to say thank you. If you would like to help, please see the sponsor page or send me a mail

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This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Georges New Accomodation

George has now moved out of his stable to a fenced area next to Cilla's Gang.

Because George is such a big animal, it has not been possible to attempt a castration using a local anasethetic. George will need to go to the vet and have a large operation - so I have decided not to do this. A), because of the major expense & B) George has had enough trauma recently in his life & C) It isn't necessary as I am currently not integrating him with any of the girl Pigs !

Bessy comes to visit him & he talks to Cillas gang through the fence. Today he had a fruit breakfast including Plums, Strawberries & Peaches !
George's house isn't finished yet, but he wanted to move in anyway !! The rest of the sides will be completed in the next week or so. If you like, send George a message !

Updated: Georges house was finished in November '03 & has a front too - with a hole to get in & out. It is lovely & dry inside & he is pleased to be in there when the wind blows !
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Here is George in August '06

He loves bananas and can be seen here finishing off a few. If you look carefully you can see ther there is melon for dessert !