Please Help Us !
Genie the Horse
Rescued April 2011
Here is Genie tucking into the Spring grass outside her stable at the new yard.
She is a very gentle Horse and has settled in well with the other 6 we have at this yard as well as the 16 Sheep that live with them too !
We decided that it would be a good idea to get the 3 acre paddock at the yard fertilized & so we looked in the paper to find the cheapest option

As you can probably imagine, nothing is cheap these days but we spotted an advert for Percy's Fertilizing Services & so we rang the number.

Percy soon arrived with his assistant - who looked very much like Fiona's mum - and he supervised from his command centre whilst poor Fiona's Mum, sorry, I mean his assistant spent 5 hours walking a garden fertilizer trolley up & down the field !
Percy was absolutely mortified not to be helping himself, but with a sprained paw from where he picked up the telephone too quickly,  helping in any way was really out of the question.

In any case, someone had to drink the coffee before it went cold didn't they?
Poor Fiona's Mum !