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The official confirmation is that Percy will NOT be competing in this years marathon due to an excess of cake
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Fiona is set to run the Geneva Marathon on 9th May and we all have our fingers, paws & claws crossed here hoping that she does as well as she deserves to - she has trained unbelievably hard.

Fiona is trying to raise awareness for the Sanctuary and particularly for the cruelty free Vegan cause.

We are also hoping that Fiona will be able to raise some money to help the Sanctuary with its monthly challenge to find the £5300 we need for the feed costs PLUS our huge project for the Summer is to put up a sideless 20m by 20m barn over one of the schools to ensure that the horses have better quality Winter turnout arrangements - the Winters have been very wet of late.

We need £16,000 for this project alone - a huge sum of cash, but we do have £5000 towards it so far.

You can use the button above to sponsor Fiona by Paypal, or if you would prefer to send a cheque, please make it payable to "Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary"
The address to post to is:

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ

Thank you - on behalf of all the gang !! - 36 Horses, 35 Dogs, 38 Cats, 3 Cows, 28 Sheep, 47 Pigs & loads of smaller chaps !
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