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We spend around £5300 a month on feed for the 400 rescued animals and every month we are around £1800 short - based on current levels of donations.

We do our best to meet the gap from our own funds, but as you can imagine with a large mortgage & vets bills plus maintenance of the sanctuary - it's a big ask !

So, whilst we usually somehow manage to scrape along with massive credit cards bills & re-mortgaging etc etc we have however run up a bit of a backlog which we have been asked to clear up.

The backlog is £8500. - UPDATE 20/10 - £1650 donated so far leaving £6,850 to go

So far the appeal has raised £1600 & to make a donation to help us, you can use the PayPal button above - or send a cheque payable to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary to us at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ

Below is a video which features some of the rescued animals as well as Fiona who cares for them as well as competing as at athlete at International standards

I honestly do not think there is anyone else looking after so many different kinds of animals more or less alone, whilst simultaneously also promoting a cruelty free lifestyle through several different sports at international standards, coping with a disability like a knee replacement & all without earning a penny piece from any of it.

Hit the 2nd button from the right at the foot of the screen to make it Full Size

The soundtrack is the title track from Yak's "Journey of the Yak" album which is being sold to raise funds for the animals feed costs - over 500 sold so far

See HERE to order your copy

and HERE to read the reviews of the album so far

Thank you

Please Help Us !
Feed Appeal October 2009

Please Help Us !