Here are Mr & Mrs A. Duck who have been with me for some years now - sadly Mr green bill Duck (on the left) has now passed away, but his partner has new friend now - see below
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There are Thirteen Ducks living on the Sanctuary Pond which they share with several families of Moorhens & hundreds of fish
Ferdinand is on the left and had not see a pond this size before. She was a bit nervous about meeting the other Ducks and was initially spending a lot of time hiding at the edge in the vegetation !

A close up of Ferdinand is below
Here she is swimming off with her new friend to the island.

The pond is ring fenced to prevent Mr Fox from reaching the Ducks.
Here are some of the thirteen Ducks now living on the pond. The young Mallards you can see in the middle of the picture are the clutch that were rescued recently and reared in a rabbit run. I was hoping to get a picture of them when they still looked like chicks, but they grow so quickly !!! The full story of their "rescue" you can read on the latest news page entry 2nd August 2006