Here is Dolly in the paddock at House & Jacksons vetinary practice in Blackmore.

On the left she is looking pretty miserable & even the carrots have not cheered her up.

She is a bit brighter on the right

...and back on the left she was feeling well enough to pick at the remnants of the grass in this field !

5 Days later.... What a change in her expression - just look at her eyes !

This is Dolly coming back down the drive of the Sanctuary being led by the Horse transporter

She is so happy to be home & can't wait to see her friends again - especially Skipio !
Here she is with Skipio and she is enjoying a scratch on her favourite tree !

Skipio was so relieved to see Dolly again. He had been off his food - but is fine again now
Thank you to everyone who has helped with this appeal - I should have the details of the bill shortly !

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