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As you may have read Dolly the Shire is unwell and having treatment at the Vets.

Dolly has been at the Sanctuary for 13 years and is the eldest Shire Horse I am aware of at 28 years

If you would like to help with the costs of Dolly's treatment please either mail me regarding any donation you would like to make or please complete the form below to order Dolly merchandise to help with the fund raising.
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Thank you very much Love Dolly xxx

The Bill !!!

The bill from House and Jackson arrived today for Dolly's treatment and I have to say I am pleased as I expected it to me more.

The total bill was £1547.61, but this included the cost of getting Herbie the miniature Shetland castrated and treated. This leaves £1016.86 relating to Dolly.

This however is only the bill from House & Jackson who did the work to get Dolly better. Initially I was seeing my usual vet who had seen Dolly 5 times and was insisting that I have her destroyed on welfare grounds. Whilst I know that Dolly will not live forever I knew Dolly was not ready to give up just yet. When I sought a 2nd opinion - i.e. consulted Erik Belloy from House & Jackson, the 1st vet got very cross with me.

Erik agreed with me that work could be done to get Dolly right & this is what we did. It brings tears to my eyes to look at her in the field now, necking with her best friend Skipio, having been back from the vets nearly three weeks and generally enjoying the Summer weather - when if I had simply followed the 1st vets advice she would have been killed over a month ago.

I await the 1st vets bill.

This has now arrived & is for £600. I have left it in the mail box whilst I decide what to do !

Dolly has been back to the vet for a 2nd shoeing & X-Rays - a further £452.....

November farrier work was £175

Dolly's Field Shelter will be approximately £1500 - as soon as I know for sure I will post here

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with the cost of Dolly's care

See the main bill here !

More details here
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£1351 raised so far !!!
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