Flick & Tess - Dascha & Cassie
This old sink planter once had some prize plants in it, but Flick has re-arranged it into a handy outside bed - ideal for a snooze eh?
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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Flick is stone deaf and was going to be culled as a puppy.

Fortunately I asked if I could have him and his sister, so that she could look after him. They make a good team - she hears when the food is ready & he eats it!

White dogs are prone to have hearing problems, but there's one thing for sure, Flick always gets an excellent nights sleep !

A game of Tag in May '03
Flick going fast
Flick's outside bed !

Very sadly Flick passed away suddenly due to Cancer - we are all devastated (2006)
Dascha and Cassie

Dascha arrived in March 2007 with another German called Cassie.

Both she and Cassie were on "death row" at a dog pound having been there for some time & not having been homed. Dascha was very old and had started to go downhill & they had put Cassie in with her to see if she would perk up with company. When I heard of their plight I said I would take them both.

Cassie was in good health on arrival but Dascha was not good. She was so bad in fact that we didn't think she was going to make it. For the first two weeks it was touch and go, but then she slowly started to get better & become active & although old & just a little bit senile! - she is now running about like a pup again ! It is so nice to see her happy.

I have set up a "day bed" in the conservatory where at least the glass makes it seem a bit like summer when the sun shines - which is not all that common at the moment. (28 June '07)
Here is Dascha enjoying an early evening nap on her new Day Bed !
I will post a picture of Cassie as soon as I can get one sorted - If you would like to sponsor Dascha or Cassie, please send me a mail - Thank you